The top UK charity organizations for tier 5 sponsorship jobs are pathways you can consider. One may opt against it because it is charity, however, do note that some of the most rewarding jobs in the world are with UK charitable organizations. By getting a tier 5 sponsorship visa you have the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives while also receiving valuable work experience and personal growth.

A thorough research on the top UK charity organizations for tier 5 sponsorship jobs has been done and you are encouraged to read through and make your pick that is going to help people and affect their lives positively.

Top UK Charity Organizations For Tier 5 Sponsorship Jobs

The Children’s Society

The children’s society is a charity that deals with vulnerable children, the less privileged, and young people in the UK. It also helps people who are on the verge of being homeless, and parents who are being abused physically. The charity helps to give education to children with special needs and supports families when their child has been diagnosed with cancer or other illnesses.

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City Harvest

This is a process whereby you go meet shop owners and restaurant owners and collect their unsold foods and give them to the less privileged. It has been around since 2013, providing over 1,000 charities and community groups with food for over 300 million meals across the UK. City Harvest has branched out to run another program called ‘Crazy Kitchen’. What crazy kitchen does is bring people from different backgrounds to stay under one roof and cook together. This helps to improve their social skill, meet new people and forget about their predicaments.

City harvest focuses on providing food and shelter for people who cannot help themselves – those who are homeless and those battling mental problems. City Harvest provides free accommodation to homeless people in London who want to get off the streets by helping them find permanent housing options. This can include finding somewhere new or giving them money towards moving costs so they do not have to pay rent unnecessarily (or at all).


Just like city harvest, the food cycle helps to reduce the wastage of food and also tends to provide it to the less privileged ones in the diaspora. In addition, they collect unsold food items from groceries, stores, shops, restaurants, etc., and share it with those in dire need of it such as;

  •  homeless shelters;
  • people living alone;
  • people who are lonely or isolated from their communities;
  • elderly residents of retirement homes, and;
  • low-income families.

All these people cannot afford fresh produce at market prices due to the high costs of food items.

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The crisis is a charity that provides help to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They offer a range of services, including emergency accommodation, support and advice, and training and employment opportunities.

In as much as you may have interest in partaking in this charity program to help the fewer privileged ones you need to know that these jobs do not just grow on trees, they are very much difficult to find, and just like other types of visa sponsorships, this will as well require you meet certain requirements to be given the sponsorship visa.

The herculean task here is finding an employer ready to sponsor you to the UK, which has proven to be a difficult task to achieve especially when you are trying to find a skill set that will suit you perfectly. However, do not give up your pursuit. If this has gotten your interest and you will like to see it through then you need to find out if there are any vacant positions available at organizations within the U.K., such as charities or businesses owned by British nationals living overseas (like HSBC).

These organizations often employ people with EU passports who want their spouse/partner’s permission before moving back into the country together without having earned enough money yet; this doesn’t apply only to Tier 5 sponsorships but also to many other types of sponsorship programs (including Tier 1).

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Determine Eligibility Status

Applicants need to ascertain their eligibility status before applying.

  • You must be either 18 or over. If you are under 18 years of age, please don’t apply for this position as we need to check your identity documents before issuing an employment visa.
  • Your passport should be valid and hold at least six months of remaining validity after the date of arrival in the UK. In case yours has expired recently (within two years), then we will grant you another six months of validity on arrival so long as it is still valid when we issue your work visa.
  • You need at least a GCSE grade of C or above in the English Language if not already having studied it before arriving in Britain; otherwise, there might be some problems in getting through our immigration process if they do not already have basic levels here already!

In addition to these basic requirements though there are also other things that may impact whether someone gets sponsored into working here such as whether or not they have any criminal record whatsoever before coming over from overseas.


As earlier stated, you need to meet have a tier 5 sponsorship visa to apply for this job. The first step is finding a reputable charity organization that can provide for your needs and wants. Then, once you have found an organization that fits what you are looking for in terms of purpose and values, contact them directly through their website or social media accounts (Google has made it easy by bringing together all these different channels). Once contact has been established between yourself and them via email or phone call(s), do ask questions about how they operate: what kind of projects do they do? Do they work with other organizations? Where do they hold events like job fairs/job interviews etc…

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