Are you looking for a part-time job to add to your regular job? Or you are just a student looking to combine work with studies to make ends meet. In this article is a list of top part-time jobs that pay you well and you can apply for to earn some cool cash.


Average salary: $15.29 per hour
Job duties:
1. As a Nanny you are expected to provide childcare within a designated time frame.
2. Responsible for feeding, bathing, and putting children down for naps.
3. You are also responsible for organizing activities;
4. Help with homework, oversee playtime, and maybe be tasked with driving children to and from school or extracurricular activities.

Working as a Mail carrier

Average salary: $16.70 per hour
Job duties:
• Your basic duty is to deliver incoming and retrieve outgoing mail and packages.
• Follow specific mail routes and provide proper notice in case of a failed delivery attempt.
• Ensure each delivery is confirmed with a signature.


Average salary: $17.24 per hour
Job duties:
• As a bookkeeper, you can work for a company or set your own schedules by maintaining your own client base.
• You are also responsible for balancing and maintaining accurate ledgers.
• They are also responsible for coordinating bank deposits and reporting financial results on a regular basis.

Brand Ambassador

Average salary: $17.44 per hour
Job duties:
• Your main duties are to symbolize professionalism and brand personality as an interactive, customer-facing representative.
• You are also to distribute marketing materials like samples, flyers, or coupons.
• You will also be responsible for providing insight about a particular product to customers and answering whatever questions they may have.

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Customer service representative

Average salary: $13.48 per hour
Job duties:
• Your basic duty is to set up effective communication with customers on behalf of a company. Communication may be done in person, over the phone, via email, or via website chat.
• You are also to ensure that customer concerns are addressed and feedback is relayed to the right teams.

Bank teller

Average salary: $12.82 per hour
Job duties:
• You are to welcome customers and then direct them to the appropriate station within the credit union.
• Process deposits, withdrawals, and other banking transactions for a high volume of customers.

Warehouse worker

Average salary: $15.42 per hour
Job duties:
• Working in the warehouse would require you to organize, retrieve and maintain inventory as shipments arrive at the warehouse.
• Ensure that the stocks are replenished when it runs low and keep the warehouse organized and clean. Data entry or machine operation may be required in some warehouse roles.

Personal driver

Average salary: $14.55 per hour
Job duties:
• Drive passengers to and from different locations. Provide excellent customer service to ensure passengers are comfortable. Drive safely, keep a clean vehicle and find the most efficient routes.

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Average salary: $14.85 per hour
Job duties:
• Phlebotomists are responsible for performing blood draws on patients for various medical tests. Label vials with correct patient information.
• They are responsible for providing a positive experience by selecting the best collection method depending on the patient’s needs.

Delivery driver

Average salary: $15.68 per hour
Job duties:
• Delivery drivers are generally responsible for picking up orders and safely delivering them to their intended destination.
• Delivery driver job duties vary depending on who they work for and may involve planning routes to ensure an efficient delivery trip as well as documentation of goods that have been delivered.


Average salary: $13.57 per hour
Job duties:
• Your duty as a Receptionist comes in different varieties and settings. Duties may include answering phone calls and emails, helping clients make appointments, welcoming clients, data entry, and taking messages for key staff.

Personal shopper

Average salary: $21.62 per hour
Job duties:
• Shopping for others can be very lucrative, you can develop a loyal customer base and deliver consistent, high-level shopping experiences. Maintain deep knowledge of various stores and their products. Make purchase recommendations based on the client’s needs.


Average salary: $22.50 per hour
Job duties:
• As a Freelancer you only sell a specific talent, skill, or product to customers and you also set your own prices and working hours. There are freelance designers, photographers, writers, consultants, and more.
• What you do is build your own client base and handle all payments.

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