Top Best Northern Hausa Rappers [UPDATED]

Top Best Northern Hausa Rappers – the Northern Nigeria rising youth artists have been working out beyond the bar. They have come along to build an empire to build and strong up the Northern Entertainment industry.

Starting from both Tribal and Kannywood artists who sing about love and brief life stories since the 190s, they have tried a lot to build an advocate of talented youths.

The youths, most especially the early 20s ones have shown their interest in building their own way of entertainment which is model singing and rapping. The youths have shown and proven that there are talents too in Northern Nigeria.

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The youth have wisely divided themselves base on their talent and action, some are rappers, singers, comedians, and actors. Concerning our topic “Top Best Northern Hausa Rappers”, we will discuss this base on the best of our research and knowledge.

arewa best hip-hop artist

Some among the Northern Nigeria Hausa Rappers have grown incredibly more than one could expect. They have gained a very strong fan base from the Northern Nigeria states. Their talents have truly kept them active in the industry.

While some are just rising. The Northern artist deemed to unite each other as some have met and collaborated before. Some fast-growing artists have shown love to the rising ones, most especially the Arewa Cartel, Deezell who have indeed financially brought lots of fast-rising talent to the industry.

Don’t get the list twisted, it is based on many criteria, not richness or something else. Talent, strong fan-base, social media, and many other things.

In case you find something wrong, feel free to use the Contact Us page to express your view. We will start from the the top to downward list.

– Ice Prince

Ice Prince

The Minna origin, Ice Prince is one among the best top Northern Nigeria artist who has gone far in the entertainment industry all across the country.

He doesn’t relent to keep his talent Northern Nigeria region only, rather work hard to expand all across the country. Ice Prince, whose name is Panshak Zamani is among the series of first Hausa hip-hop artists that arose in Northern Nigeria.

During his starting time, the artist keeps pushing even though there are no or fewer Hausa rappers in Northern Region. He started his career in the early 20s, which was around 2004-2005.

He is born in Minna, Niger State. He rises into Angas ethnicity (one among the Jos, Plateau ethnics). He has hung with many famous Nigerian and international artists, won some awards, and releases lots of hits.

– MI Abaga

MI Abaga

The Jude Abaga of our generation, whose stage name is MI Abaga is an origin of Jos, Plateau State. He is second among the best artist raised in Northern Nigeria.

MI Abaga has built a strong fan-base empire through his talent of releasing hits. He started his career (2003) one year before Ice Prince’s time. The famous Hausa rapper doesn’t misuse his priority where he releases unbearable hits since starting his journey.

MI Abaga has won several commendable awards in both national and international levels, they include BET Awards, Chocolate City, MTV Africa Music Award e.t.c

– Magnito


The short freestyle video master, Magnito is also known for his suffix word as Mai-Baban Magana. Magnito is among the top best who releases meaningful and entertaining hits. His fan-base level is quite alarming as he keeps booming.

He always tries his best with his talent to keep his fans entertained. His style of rapping is quite knowledgeable and meaningful. He transforms messages of life into music scenes.

Magnito, whose birth name is Mohammed Usman Adamu raised from Abuja, Northern Nigeria. He is an Idoma (Benue) by tribe.



The fast-booming Northern Nigeria Hausa rapper (artist) has earned the badge of the top best in the industry. He has without a doubt proven that with his uncountable hit bangers and wide fan base across the region.

DJ AB whose name is Haruna Abdullahi born, raised, and currently living in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria.

His 2021 movement confirmed that the artist remains the best from the North as he keeps escalating to other parts of the country. He has met a lot of strong famous Nigerian and International artists that include Mr. Eazi, Yung6ix, Raman Jango. Although he has met with some of the artists mentioned here.

Over the years, the famous star has been working hard to keep his fans entertained. His way of rapping and singing is quite a talented one. You can read more about DJ AB here.

– Classiq


The Arewa Maf!a Boss follows the list as one among the top Best Northern Nigeria artist (Rappers). He is exceptionally talented with less or low released bangers which underestimated his rate in the industry.

During his rising time, Classiq has managed to quench to uphold his talent to entertain his fans. That earns him a polite fan base across the region.

Classiq has collaborated with different famous artists who are big and famous in the whole Naija Entertainment Industry. He has met with turns of artists like Phyno, Vector, Reminisce, M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Yung L, Ckay, Ice Prince where he collaborated and shot a video with some among them.

Currently, the artist has recorded low released bangers which shows he might resign in the industry in the few years coming. Read more about Classiq here.

– Kheengz


Kheengz, the steady Hausa Northern Nigeria artist who works silently to achieve the loud goals. His movement style is different compare to others who brag all over social media.

Kheengz, whose name is King Bawa is an indigene of Minna, Niger State (Ice Prince counterpart). He is one among the list with an unbeatable record of collocation with famous Nigerian artists that includes Falz, M.I Abaga.

Despite having low-released melodies, Kheengz has never failed to keep his fans entertained. He releases hits that usually got the attention of



The raining Hausa rapper, BOC join the list of the top best Northern Nigeria Hausa rappers. Luka Bulus Madaki

BOC has earned the badge of the most rapper who uses Hausa in his hits. That’s why I called him as “raining” Hausa rapper earlier up there. His level of speaking Hausa is quite exceptional. That’s why most of his early released bangers are recorded completely in Hausa.

His style of rapping is like that of Magnito (Mai-Baban Magana), but he is a little bit different.

– Morell


Musa Akila, popularly known as Morell (Gatan Arewa) has been on the race for some years now with uncountable released bangers.

Morrell hail from Borno State, Northern Nigeria. He has undoubtedly worked hard toward the music industry in Northern Nigeria.

– Teeswag

– Lsvee

– Deezell

– Jigsawmujee

– Lil Prince

Currently, there are bunch of rising Hausa Rappers, who are talented and working hard to beat the target. This list might be updated at any time as our team will keep eye on the industry and the artist performance.

We are working tirelessly that you get the latest updates. We are compiling details on some of the artists we mentioned without details on them – Bida.

And again, as we made mentioned earlier that if you have a suggestion or found somewhere we made mistake, don’t hesitate to please contact us. Thank you for reading.

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