The UK is a great place to live and work as they have a lucrative payment which is why it is one of the sorts after countries to work in. Despite that, it is a very difficult place to secure employment as a foreign national. In fact, over 500,000 people 2021 migrated to the UK for various purposes. This is because of its work-life balance, quality of life, and even quality of education.  So, it won’t be surprising if you have plans to move to the UK as well. There are the top 6 unskilled jobs with visa sponsorships in the UK which will in turn help get a work visa.

There are different types of workers that the UK is looking for which are skilled and unskilled workers. This article however is centered on unskilled workers and the types of jobs that are available for them to handle. If you’re looking for work as an unskilled worker or even as a skilled tradesperson (like a plumber), there are plenty of visa sponsorship options available that allow people like you to live and work freely in the UK without needing any qualifications or experience at all.

What is an Unskilled Job in the UK?

An unskilled job simply put refers to workers with no special training or experience. These workers have a very limited skill set and they have little to no higher education. These jobs usually come with low salaries. Examples of these jobs include; farm workers, cleaners, grocery clerks, etc. However, it is not uncommon to find people with university degrees doing these unskilled jobs. This is usually an effect of the lack of jobs, but that is a discussion for another day.

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Top 6 Unskilled Jobs with Visa Sponsorships in the UK

1. Cleaner

This requires little or no experience however, you must be 18 years and above with a good level of English language as it is the primary form of communication in the UK. As an applicant looking to apply for this job role, you must have a good background check and pass a medical examination, and drug test. You have to apply for a general domestic worker visa which requires applicants to have a minimum of six months’ work experience in this field.

The rate of pay is £8.50 per hour but will increase with time as the factors such as (the role and the duration of employment) will take effect.

2. Construction Worker

When looking for a job with visa sponsorship you may opt to look out for construction companies seeking construction workers. Construction workers are primarily known for erecting buildings – could be residential or commercial, roads, bridges, dams, etc. They perform tasks such as pouring concrete, erecting block walls, mixing mortar for plaster and erection of the block walls, drilling holes, using power tools like circular saws and nail guns, and installing windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, and other components.

In order to be a construction worker, you should have a minimum of three years of experience working in the construction environment.

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3. Receptionist

A receptionist is responsible for answering phone calls, receiving messages, attending to guests, and booking appointments for clients and guests. Depending on the job role, they may be required to attend to other responsibilities that are relevant such as photocopying documents or providing information to clients and guests alike. This job role is suitable for unskilled workers and people who have a good level of English language as you will be required to attend to people and speak fluently with them. It is a good career path for people with little or no experience.

4. Caregiver

A caregiver is one who provides assistance to people who for one reason or the other not help themselves, these people may be old, sick, children, handicapped, or autistic kids. Whichever the case may be the caregiver is required to look after them and take of their basic needs, they may be required to work in the person’s private home, in the hospitals, or in the homes erected by the government for these people.

A caregiver will handle the cooking of meals, washing their clothes, doing DIY tasks like gardening, and depending on the person will be required to clean up after the person and in some cases bathe the person.

You could earn up to £20 per hour if you have the right qualifications including NVQ level 2 in health and social care (which requires 6 months’ experience) plus further training if required by your employer. This means that you could earn between £1750 – £2390 per month depending on how many hours are worked per week.

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5. Lorry/Truck Drivers

Truck drivers’ sole responsibility is to transport goods across the country safely. You will have to be able to drive a truck and load it with cargo as well as unload it when you get to your destination. Obviously, you already know the prerequisite for applying for this job, therefore, if you do not know how to drive a truck please do not venture into this type of job.

The salary range for lorry drivers is £22k-£28k per year (with overtime pay), while most employers will offer other benefits including free meals and accommodation during work hours. The application process should take approximately four weeks from the start date until the arrival at the destination country; although it may take longer depending on the location of the individual, especially if the individual is outside Europe. This is because of the processing times associated with each of the regional consulate offices located abroad.

6. Warehouse Worker

This particular job role requires a whole lot of physical strength, you will be required to be lifting and carrying heavy items all day. It also involves a lot of walking as well as standing on your feet for a long period of time.

There are many different types of warehouse jobs available, including:

  • Loading trucks with goods (e.g., paper sheets) or picking them up from storage racks;
  • Weighing boxes and packages;
  • Packing boxes/packages into containers (this can take place anywhere within the warehouse);
  • Unloading trucks onto conveyor belts or loading cells;
  • Workers who operate forklifts will be able to lift up to 200kgs when they operate their vehicle(s).


We hope this article was really helpful, do note that even if you lack higher education your dream to travel to the UK can still be fulfilled if your start early to search for jobs. The time to move is NOW!!


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