Top 5 UK Job Sites

Everyone aspires to advance in their chosen profession or career, which is why there is a need to look for employment prospects around the world. The UK has a history of hiring foreign people in a variety of fields. You will have a better chance of discovering your next major career move if you search the leading UK job sites. Employers can view all of your pertinent information alongside your CV if you use the correct websites, allowing you to see all of the greatest prospects.

A top-notch UK employment site will have a huge database of listings, and the finest ones cover remote and flexible positions in addition to full-time, part-time, and freelance roles. The finest websites go further than that too: some include social networking functions and skill tests, while others offer clever filters and business reviews. Reading through this article will give an idea of the top 5 UK job sites we have painstakingly researched.


These UK job sites are:


Indeed is one of the largest job search websites in the world, and it is widely used in the UK. It allows job seekers to search for jobs by location, job title, and company, and it also allows them to upload their resumes and receive job alerts.

The statistics are impressive: it was founded in 2004, receives more than 250 million monthly visitors, and is home to a whopping 200 million CVs. According to the company, ten new jobs are posted on the website every single second.

You may work in almost any field on Indeed thanks to the vast user base and the abundance of job postings, and you will find a wide variety of full-time, part-time, and remote vacancies in addition to contract and freelance(opens in a new tab) positions.

In addition to uploading your CV, you can create a profile with information about your past employment and schooling, as well as your talents and certifications. Employers can post positions for free, and you can upload your existing CV and set up alerts for particular occupations and terms.

On Indeed, you can directly apply for a variety of jobs, and companies can tailor the procedure to gather the specific data they need. On Indeed, there are a ton of added features. On the website, you can read reviews of companies written by actual employees and use a wage comparison tool to see what you ought to be making.

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Monster UK

Monster is another large job search website that is popular in the UK. It offers a variety of tools and resources for job seekers, including resume writing services and job search advice. As the local branch of a popular global job board, Monster UK attracts millions of job seekers every month. It has three types of job ads to choose from which can be purchased in a bundle. Monster will distribute your job ad on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and other targeted websites as banner ads to increase its visibility.


The types of job postings available on Monster UK are:

1. Standard Job Ads: Standard job ads are the most basic type of job posting available on Monster UK. They offer an efficient way to post a job and reach a large audience of job seekers. They come with a variety of features, such as auto-renewal, a publisher tool to customize the look and feel of your job post, and targeted social media advertising.

2. Job Ads with Premium Features: Job ads with premium features offer more features and flexibility than standard job ads. These ads include the ability to add videos, images, and embedded documents, as well as advanced targeting capabilities for social media advertising.

3. Job Ads with Customisable Features: Job ads with customizable features allow you to tailor the look and feel of your job post to match your company’s branding and identity. This includes the ability to add logos, colors, and fonts. Premium job ads also include targeted social media advertising.


Between one and two million roles are frequently open on Monster’s UK website, which also features job ads in every industry and at every level of the corporate structure, from entry-level and casual jobs to senior positions. It also contains a ton of articles and videos with career advice, as well as an app that you can use to continue your job search while you’re on the road.

This website is simple to use and operates similarly to a search engine. You can create job alerts, upload your resume from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, as well as exchange messages with companies. You can also make your profile invisible so that your employer won’t know if you’ve changed jobs.

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LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals that also has a robust job search function. It allows job seekers to search for jobs by location, industry, and job title, and it also allows them to connect with potential employers and recruiters.

Given that LinkedIn is the first professional social network(opens in new tab), it should come as no surprise that it is a top choice for any UK-based job search. There are numerous job advertisements in every imaginable industry, and it has more than 30 million users alone in the UK.

Additionally, you won’t just be able to obtain a new work here. You can post articles, interact with coworkers, meet new people, and check if you have any connections or mutual friends at any businesses where you might want to submit an application because this is a social network.

You can apply to a ton of jobs directly on the site, using your LinkedIn profile as your CV, and you can narrow down job postings with an astounding array of variables, including the job type, experience needed, and if remote working is allowed. If you’d rather provide the original résumé, it’s also feasible to upload it.

Listings make it obvious whether you have connections at a company, and you can see how many people have applied for each position. LinkedIn includes a ton of additional services in addition to social networking tools and job listings, like assessment exams, résumé builders, and assistance with interview preparation. Additionally, you may locate events, groups, and publications.

Although LinkedIn is free to use and post resumes for jobs, switching to a paid plan is worthwhile. You can get more details on job listings, additional salary information, a wide range of message options, and more information on who has applied to each job by purchasing LinkedIn Premium Career for £24.99 each month. You can advertise your applications as well.

Anyone looking for work in the UK needs to use LinkedIn, and thanks to its social features, it’s also great for networking. Although you may absolutely get a job on LinkedIn for free, if you want to maximize your job search, we’d suggest the paid upgrade.



Reed is a UK-based job search website that has a large database of job openings. It allows job seekers to search for jobs by location, industry, and job title, and it also offers a variety of resources and tools to help job seekers with their job search.

There are several reasons to admire Reed, one of the first UK-specific job boards. As of this writing, the website contains approximately 300,000 job ads spread across all key industries.

If you’re unsure of what search terms to use, you can browse jobs by sector, region, and trending topics. You can also filter jobs by a ton of criteria, including some uncommon choices like whether a position is appropriate for a recent graduate, whether working from home is an option, and whether an employer or an employment agency posted the position. More filtering possibilities are available here than on almost any other website.

You may shortlist or conceal job postings, utilize the Easy Apply tool to make applications quick and easy, upload your CV, add a lot of information to your profile, upload cover letters, create a personal statement, and even add a section that specifies exactly what you’re searching for. Reed now has an app, so you don’t have to rely on your PC or laptop to get this capability.

Other features include a career counseling hub with CV(opens in new tab) and cover letter templates, interview technique suggestions, and articles to read, as well as tens of thousands of educational courses(opens in new tab) in hundreds of different fields.

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CV-Library is a job search website that is specifically geared toward helping job seekers find jobs in the UK. It allows job seekers to search for jobs by location, industry, and job title, and it also allows them to upload their resumes and receive job alerts.

CV-Library is one of the largest UK-specific employment portals, with up to a quarter-million positions from over 10,000 organizations available at any given moment. There are plenty of options in every major business, with Lotus, Sky, Ocado, and Games Workshop all utilizing the platform to locate new employees.

With excellent filtering options and obvious results, the job search is as simple to use as anything else out there, and you can bookmark job listings and set up email notifications to guarantee that you never miss an opportunity. Job postings are simple, and CV-Library has a convenient one-click application system, making it simple to apply for a suitable position.

CV-profile Library’s area is straightforward: you may upload your CV, provide basic information, and create a brief personal statement to promote your talents. We recommend paying £9.99 for thirty days of subscription for the Premium Profile option. This upgrade entitles you to be identified as a Top Profile on the site, with special branding in the site’s database and on your job applications, as well as a complimentary CV review.

CV-Library lacks a variety of features that can compete with the largest employment sites, but it does have a large number of job possibilities, a UK-centric focus, and a very plain and straightforward design.


There are many other job search websites in the UK, and it can be helpful for job seekers to use a variety of different sites in order to maximize their chances of finding a job.

Others include;
– Adzuna;
– Totaljobs;
– Glassdoor.
When deciding which job sites to use, consider whether they are likely to cover what you’re looking for. Although there are national websites, there are also local ones that may be more helpful. Furthermore, while there are general job websites, there are also more niche ones available, such as for programming, so be aware of what niche sites may be more useful to you than general job websites and do not overlook them.

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