The Netherlands boasts of being amongst the best in the world in the education sector. The Netherlands has one of the most expensive universities and foreign nationals may find it difficult to apply to universities there. Nevertheless, there are scholarship schemes that can help curtail this problem. These are the top 5 international scholarships in the Netherlands and their requirements.

Top 5 International Scholarships in the Netherlands and their Requirements

These scholarships can help you afford your studies or pay your tuition fees entirely, depending on how much money you would like to save up before going abroad. Here we have compiled our top ten International Scholarships in The Netherlands that are open to all students from all countries around the world – so whether you’re studying at Dutch universities or just taking an online course online, we have got something for everyone.

Holland Scholarships

The Holland Scholarship is awarded to students from developing countries who are pursuing a degree at a Dutch higher education institution. The scholarship is open to all fields of study, and it can be taken in any field you want. International students from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who desire to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at participating universities in Holland are eligible for the Holland Scholarship.

You will get the scholarship, which is worth €5,000, during your first academic year. To apply for this scholarship, first, go here: Then fill out the application form by clicking on “apply now” on the top left side of the page; once done submit it online through their website portal within 48 hours after the submission deadline day has passed (usually around October 1st each year).

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Holland Government Scholarship for Developing Countries Students

This scholarship is a merit-based scholarship and is available to students who are nationals of developing countries. The Netherlands Government Scholarship for Developing Countries Students covers tuition fees and living expenses for up to three years.

The Netherlands Government Scholarships provide full funding for masters and short course scholarships for overseas students. The Orange Knowledge Program of the Netherlands Government Scholarship pays for all living expenses, tuition, visa costs, round-trip airline tickets, and health insurance.

The following are required to apply:

  • An application form completed by you, along with your academic record and other information requested on the application form;
  • A copy of your passport or identity document;
  • Evidence that you have met all requirements (for example test results) required by your home country’s authorities when applying for this visa

To apply for this scholarship, first, go here: Then fill out the application form

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TU Delft Excellence Master Scholarships in the Netherlands

The TU Delft Excellence Master Scholarships in the Netherlands are offered to international students who wish to pursue a master’s degree at TU Delft. This scholarship is worth €10,000 and applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need.

This scholarship has helped many international students afford the cost of living in the Netherlands. It is available to all students from developing countries and covers tuition fees and living expenses for one year; it’s a full scholarship, but there are also merit-based options available. The deadline for this scholarship was on January 1st, so if you want to apply for it now make sure that your application is sent in before then!

International students can apply for a variety of excellent scholarship programs at the Delft University of Technology. One of these initiatives is the Justus and Louise van Effen scholarship, which seeks to financially assist outstanding overseas MSc students who aspire to study at TU Delft. The scholarship is a complete scholarship, covering tuition and living expenses on a monthly basis.

To apply for this scholarship, first, go here, then fill out the application form.


The Orange Tulip Scholarship

This scholarship is for students from Brazil, China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, and Russia, who have completed their Bachelor’s degrees and are studying at a Dutch university. The aim of this scholarship is to increase awareness about the opportunities in these countries and how they can benefit from investing there.

You can apply for this scholarship via the official website here.

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Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) Scholarships

The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) Scholarships are available for students from developing countries to study in the Netherlands. They are offered through several organizations, such as the Dutch government and universities.

The scholarship is for one academic year, which means you can take classes at any of these institutions during this period:

  • University College Utrecht – €2,000 per month (€10k total)
  • University of Leiden – €1,500 per month (€7k total)
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – €1,500 per month (€7k total)
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam – €3,000 per month (€12k total).

You can apply for this scholarship via the application website.

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