Top 5 High-Paying Entry Jobs for Immigrants in Canada

There are over 200 occupations in Canada that can be considered entry-level jobs, which do not require any previous experience or certification, however, there are the top 5 High-Paying Entry Jobs for Immigrants in Canada.

Many immigrants to Canada find these jobs either through their own job search efforts or through the help of an employment agency. If you’re looking for an entry-level position, it’s important to understand what the term means and how you can determine whether a particular job qualifies as such. Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • Is this a full-time job?
  • Does this position come with benefits like health insurance or dental coverage?
  • What is my hourly wage rate?

If your answer to all three questions is yes, then congratulations! You’ve probably found yourself an entry-level job that offers everything you need: reliable income while building up your skills and reputation in Canada’s labor market.

How much to expect

The average salary for an entry-level job in Canada is $25,000 per year. The average salary for an entry-level job in Toronto is $25,000 per year. The average salary for an entry-level job in Vancouver is $25,000 per year.

1. Customer Service Representative:

Customer service representatives are the people who help customers with any questions they may have, either by phone or in person. They often handle complaints, issues, and other problems with products or services to ensure that customers are happy. Customer service representatives may also be responsible for maintaining records of customer complaints and making sure that any concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

A customer service representative’s salary can range from $30,000 to $50,000 per year depending on experience and where you work; however, some positions pay up to $60,000 annually! In order to become a customer service representative, you will need good communication skills as well as patience because working in this field requires dealing with upset customers all day long. If you don’t mind dealing with people under pressure then this is definitely an option worth considering since there will always be new jobs available across Canada when it comes time for promotions within these companies.”

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2. Administrative Assistant:

An administrative assistant is a person who performs tasks to support the daily office operations of an organization. Most administrative assistants do some kind of clerical work, such as typing or filing documents, but they also may have stronger organizational skills and perform more complex tasks like scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, and ordering supplies.

Administrative assistants are the backbone of any business. They’re responsible for keeping track of important information such as meeting schedules or deadlines and ensuring that everything flows smoothly within the company. Because they play a vital role in keeping things running smoothly at work, it’s no surprise that these professionals can often earn six figures annually with many high-paying jobs offering salaries in excess of $70K per year!

3. Retail Salesperson:

This is a common entry-level job. You can find retail salespeople in all kinds of stores, from department stores to clothing shops, and they can work full-time or part-time. Retail salespeople are responsible for selling goods to customers. They may have a specific product or brand to sell (like electronics or fashion), or they might be tasked with convincing people that a certain item is worth their money (say, insurance). As an immigrant, you will likely start out as an assistant manager at a small store before moving up the ladder at larger companies like Wal-Mart or Costco. It’s also possible that your employer will promote you from within the company after seeing your potential!

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4. Porter, bellhop, and other Bell Staff in hotels and resorts

Being a bell staff member in a hotel or resort is one of the most coveted positions for immigrants looking to get into the hospitality industry. There are many different types of jobs in this field including bellhop, concierge, and room service attendant. All these jobs share some common requirements:

  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to work quickly and efficiently under pressure
  • A positive attitude

5. Food Counter Attendant and Kitchen Helper

You can work as a food counter attendant or kitchen helper if you’re looking for a job in the food and beverage industry. If you have experience in this field, there are several entry-level jobs that you can apply for.

A food counter attendant is responsible for serving dishes and drinks to customers at a restaurant or café. They work at the front counter where customers place their orders and pay for them. The job requires quick service and excellent communication skills, so it’s important to be friendly, patient, and polite while working with people who might be grumpy after going through an entire day of classes or work without eating anything substantial.

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A kitchen helper assists the cook by preparing ingredients needed to prepare meals such as washing vegetables and cleaning dishes before they go into the dishwasher machine when needed; preparing ingredients like chopping vegetables (like carrots) into smaller pieces before adding them into soups etc., measuring amounts of ingredients required before cooking so that nothing goes wrong when making soups, etc., taking out what needs taking out from refrigerators/freezers, etc., placing orders according to instructions given by chefs/head chefs using calculators, etc., stocking up shelves where food items need storing until needed again later on in preparation time frames – these tasks all fall under this role’s responsibilities!

Anyone wanting to move to Canada can start a career here as an immigrant by choosing from the highest-paying jobs without any education or experience needed.

Canada is one of the most attractive destinations for immigrants. It has a favorable immigration policy and offers many opportunities to work and live there. Immigrants can make the best use of their skills and talent in Canada by getting into high-paying jobs that are available in different fields, locations, and industries.

Entry-level positions have always been lucrative but now they’re even more accessible than ever before thanks to the high demand for skilled workers across all industries. In Canada, entry-level positions like cashiers or filing clerks are some of the highest paying jobs without any education or experience needed!


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