When looking to apply to get work sponsorship in Canada, it may prove a bit difficult for some and probably relatively simple for others. However, the case may be for you you need to know the tips to get work sponsorship in Canada to make it easier for you to get it done. It is important to know your status in Canada thereby understanding the rights and responsibilities you should have as a sponsored worker. Upon getting an employer to sponsor you, you are expected to work with them for two years after your arrival in Canada unless an exception is granted by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

This should help you to understand the Canadian immigration program, what is expected of the sponsors, the process of obtaining a visa upon arrival into Canada, and the qualifications and criteria required of the applicants.

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Tips To Get Work Sponsorship in Canada

Understand the qualifications and criteria

Understanding the qualification needed to secure a work sponsorship is paramount when conducting your search, you must know that in other to qualify for a work sponsorship you should have a valid job offer from a recognized employer in Canada. The employer must be willing to sponsor you for your work permit application and provide proof of their ability to support your employment in Canada.

Get all your required documents together

There are certain documents you are required to have when embarking on your work sponsorship journey, some documents do however take a certain period of time (like the passport)to get ready so we advise you begin to get them ready on time. The documents needed include;

  • Your passport
  • Birth certificate (with apostille)
  • Police certificate (with apostille)
  • Medical certificate

If you are applying under NAFTA, your employer will complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). You will need to have proof of funds showing that you can cater for yourself upon getting into Canada.  If you are applying as an intra-company transferee, then your company should provide this documentation on your behalf. Additionally, if you are moving from one province to another within Canada or working temporarily outside of Quebec and not sponsored by an employer in Quebec, then you must also provide proof of language proficiency.

You can show proof of language proficiency by writing different types of language-based tests that are meeting the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) guidelines. Such types of tests include;

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS);
  • Michigan English Language Assessment Battery-Test Of Spoken English – Test Of Written English (MELAB-TOEFL);
  • Michigan Tests for Education Placement-English Placement Test (MTEP-ET).

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Find an employer who can sponsor you

As earlier stated, you need to have a recognized employer ready to sponsor you and this is the most important part of this journey. You can find a sponsor by searching for jobs in Canada through Job Bank, Workopolis, or Monster (or any other job search site). Once you have found a job that fits you, do contact the employer immediately stating your interest in the job and asking if they are hiring.

The second step is finding out if that employer has any programs available for workers from outside of Canada. Most companies will not be able to offer sponsorship but it’s worth asking anyway as there may be other options such as working holiday visas or internships that they might be able to provide instead.

If they do offer sponsorship then this will usually mean filling out some paperwork with Immigration Canada which could take up to 6 months before you start work! This process can sometimes take longer depending on how busy Immigration Canada currently is so make sure you give yourself plenty of time before starting work if possible!

Seek professional help

Seeking professional help does not mean you cannot do it on your own, it just helps you to widen your knowledge on certain things especially given the fact that professionals have a better experience and they know hidden things you may probably not find on the internet. More often than not, they may have links to employers in Canada who are ready to employ them. However, their service may not come cheaply and you will be required to pay a consultation fee.

There are many different types of professionals who specialize in helping immigrants get sponsored by companies in Canada: immigration lawyers, consultants, agencies, companies, or services. Each one has a specific role and goal that they want to accomplish for their clientele so it’s important that you shop around before making any decisions about who you choose as your representative during this process.

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The Canada Immigration Program for International Workers

The Canadian immigration program is a world-class program foreigner use to get into the country. Getting the knowledge of the tips stated earlier will help you get the right information and hasten the work sponsorship process. Canada has a whole lot of sectors at the moment seeking workers from all over the globe this is because unemployment rates are low here compared with other countries like the United States or Great Britain.

In fact, if you want to work in Canada now there might not be any positions available yet because demand for them has been so high lately due to increased demand for labor in certain sectors such as manufacturing or construction industries that require skilled workers such as welders (for example).

There are many Canadian jobs available in every industry – from manufacturing to IT to health care and even aerospace engineering – so there’s something for everyone!

If you are thinking about moving here permanently then we recommend checking out our blog posts related specifically to immigration issues such as sponsorship requirements/processes etc., which we have written up over time based on experience gained through working directly within these areas ourselves firsthand.

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