[Hip-Hop] 10 Things You Need To Know About Hausa Nigeria Rappers

Northern Nigeria Rappers (artists) are growing bit by bit, day and night, in order to achieve their target goals.

Although some of them have grown far beyond one may thought, they are trying their best to achieve their goals.

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The Northern Nigeria Rappers have grown up, which some have been nominated and recognized for specific awards or posts.

However, MubeeCenter would like to discuss some common facts about the Northern Nigeria Rappers (artists) and the Music Industry.

If we consider the Nigeria Music Industry entirely, we will know that the Northern part is slightly left behind. They weren’t in the game for a while before some talented once rise.

The Southern Music Industry are well recognized Nigeria Musicians, but thank God, and the other region has now wake up and shine their eyes for the future.

Some current top Northern Nigeria Rappers (artists) are DJ AB, Classiq, Morell, BOC, Kheengz, Deezell, Teeswag, Jigsawmujee, and many more.

Without much wasting of time, let go in into the subject matter.

Below are the ten (10) things you need to know about the Northern Nigeria Rappers (artists) and the industry.

  • Who is the best Hausa rapper in Northern Nigeria?

The best Hausa rapper in Nigeria currently is DJ AB.

Haruna Abdullahi, stagily known as DJ AB, is the best current Hausa rapper in Nigeria. He is nominated for such a good post in a review made by BooiNaija and other Northern Blogs.

And no doubt, he deserves it because he is among the most famous recognized Hausa artist who brought up Arewa to the world. You can view the review here!

  • Who is the richest Hausa Rapper in Northern Nigeria?

Currently, non of the Northern Nigeria Hausa Rapper have been review by Forbes or any of Net-Wort Organization.

But due to BookiNaija physical and sensitive calculation, the most richest Hausa Rapper in Nigeria is Classiq.

Classic, the founder and boss of the one among the standard Northern label record, Arewa Maf!a, is currently known as the richest Northern Nigeria Hausa Rapper.

  • Who is the best Hausa rapper in 2021?

Currently, the best Hausa Rapper in Nigeria is popular talented artist, DJ AB who hails from the Northern part of the country.

The talented rapper, DJ AB have been on the game since 2010, where he has unveils countless bangers that makes him blow and grown beyond fast expectation.

  • Who are the upcoming rappers in Northern Nigeria?

Northern Nigeria Music Industry is growing a bit as some rapper (artists) are showing up their talents and efforts.  

The upcoming Northern Nigeria artists whose talents have super grew and shown will be list below!

  • Tee-R
  • Mz Mazaza
  • Easydope
  • BB Shark
  • Mubreck
  • DJ AA
  • SBY Zamani

Many more upcoming artists are currently contributing a lot toward the Northern Nigeria Music Industry and are not listed above.

If you are among or you know someone who is supposed to be mentioned here, please don’t worry. Simply use our Contact-Us and forward your message to us. Thank you.

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