Terms And Conditions


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You are highly welcomed as Center’s to MubeeCenter. Our terms and conditions will clearly define what our site is entitled to.

Starting from Privacy Policy, it has averagely defined what our site is on and its purpose. It has deliberately explained how we operate and handle the site activities.

By now, we believe most of the users across the globe are agreed to use our service; if in case there is any reason for not agreeing to use our site, don’t hesitate, please, just inform us to CONTACT US page. The following are the basic terms and conditions of using our site.

Moving or rephrasing our contents, whatever it may be to any other platform

Making business or selling of any MubeeCenter’s contents

The act of publicly doing something over the site in such a way that it may be harmed or cause damage to the site

Using the site to cause any misleading act or impact to the site

Act of capitalization by the using site process

Attempting of using the site published info without the site undertaking is totally, strictly not acceptable

The above listed terms are MubeeCenter’s Terms and Conditions which are governing the site activities. Using the site simply means that you have agreed and accepted the terms and conditions of this particular site.

Don’t forget, the T/C may be updated at anytime, so please bear with us. Thank you.