Bauchi State University Requirement For Applying [UPDATED]

Bauchi State University Requirement

As we all know, every school around the world has its specification of requirements before one can apply for it, so Bauchi State University has its prerequisites. Bauchi State University has released its latest requirements for all the applicants who wish to apply for the institution. Bauchi State University requirements are pretty straightforward, and they … Read more

Accredited Courses Offered At Bauchi State University [UPDATED]

Courses offered at Bauchi State University

Bauchi State University, Gadau courses offered have been accredited by the NTBE which gave them an order to legally carry out the lecturing of those particular courses. Since its establishment, Bauchi State University University has been carrying out different types of courses and programs to eligible students who were admitted into the tertiary institution. Today, … Read more

BASUG Hostel Accommodation Fee 2022/2023 | How To Apply

BASUG Hostel Accommodation Fee

Bauchi State University Gadau, BASUG hostel accommodation fee is very affordable for students who wish to stay in school due to one reason or the other. The hostel is more privileged for some students who are far from BASUG Campus. BASUG hostel fee is not much cost compare to what students can benefit from the … Read more