So many people have for so many years left the shores of their home country to go to Canada for so many reasons, but the first that comes to mind is to seek greener pastures and make Canada a new home. However, this has to no surprise put a wedge between them and their loved ones, to this effect people have thought of sponsoring the parents to Canada to come to stay with them.

This in itself is a wise choice as the Canadian immigration program is really big on family and not having to separate them from their children, however, there are protocols put in shape to make this sponsorship a successful and stress-free one. Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) accepted up to 30,000 additional applications through late September and early October of 2021, this goes to show that there will be more who will be applying for the program and Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) will be open to accepting more applications.

In as much as there are steps to follow in sponsoring your parents, it is paramount that you understand how it works and finds out the eligibility of both parties (the sponsor and the parents) involved.

Who You Can Sponsor

You are eligible to sponsor your parents either by blood or adoption, in case of divorce you may still be allowed to sponsor your parents’ spouses, conjugal or common-law partners as the case may be. If you meet the financial requirement, you can sponsor more than one person as long as there is proof that you can cater to the needs of the people you are sponsoring.

Documents Needed From the Parents

To confirm the eligibility status of the parents, they are expected to provide the following documents;

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible To Sponsor?

For those who are planning on sponsoring the parents to Canada, there are requirements that are expected for you to be eligible to sponsor the parents to Canada.
Age; The sponsorship must be done by an individual who is 18 and above;
Citizenship; The sponsor is expected to either be a Canadian citizen or a permanent residency holder, if any of these is not the case then the individual is not eligible to sponsor anyone to Canada;
Finance; This is a very major factor of sponsorship, applicants must endeavor to have more than enough in their bank accounts before taking this step. The bank’s statement has to show that you are financially capable of handling the necessary needs of the parents in question;
No Prior Misbehaviour; This means that you have lived to the letter all promises made when you brought in sponsored someone initially, that is, you must have catered for the person and made sure the person did not bring any backlash on you and your credibility. If in the past there was any misconduct you may not be allowed to sponsor another person into Canada;

Criminal Record; If the system has it that you have some criminal records you may not be eligible to sponsor your parents to Canada.

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How Do Sponsors Become Eligible For Invitation?

Sponsors must first all fill in the ‘interest to sponsor’ form and have it submitted. Then they will be randomly selected from the pool of interest. Invited sponsors will be able to use IRCC’s new Permanent Resident Digital Intake tool, which allows applications to be submitted electronically. This is part of IRCC’s commitment to modernizing Canada’s immigration system, speeding up and simplifying the application process. Check your invitation status here.

More Eligibility Requirements for the Parent and Grandparent Program

The sponsor and the sponsored person(s) must sign a sponsorship agreement that:

  • states that the persons becoming permanent residents will make every effort to support themselves, and;
  • commits the sponsor to provide financial support to the sponsored person(s) and any other eligible relatives accompanying them for a period of three to 20 years, depending on their age and relationship to the sponsor, beginning on the date they become a permanent resident;

The province of Quebec has additional requirements for the Parent and Grandparent Program. Residents of Quebec must sign an ‘undertaking’ with the province of Quebec. This is a contract that binds the sponsorship. Sponsors in Quebec must also meet Quebec’s sponsorship requirements after being approved as a sponsor by IRCC.

Steps to Sponsoring Your Parent in Canada

1) Fill out the interest form
2) Receive an invitation
3) Get an application package
4) Pay the application fees
5) Submit the application
6) Send additional documents

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Fill out the Interest Form

Before going ahead to fill in the interest form do well to know what will be required of you during your application.

  • an electronic copy of your passport or proof of status in Canada;
  • the family name – write your name exactly as it is written on the passport or proof of status in the Canada document you submit;
  • age of both parties (the sponsor and the parents) involved;
  • the country or territory where you were born;
  • your main home address.
  • your email address;
  • the total number of people you already sponsored and are still financially responsible for;
  • the number of people in your immediate family;
  • the total number of people you want to sponsor, and;
  • your electronic signature (you must type in your name).

Super Visa in Canada

The Super Visa is a new type of visitor visa for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. It allows them to stay in Canada for up to two years at a time without having to renew their visa. The Super Visa is not a permanent residence program. Applicants need to obtain private medical insurance and may not work in Canada unless otherwise authorized to do so.

To be eligible for a Super Visa, parents and grandparents must meet the following requirements:

Be the parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Be in Canada at the time of application

Have a valid passport from their country of origin

Submit an application fee and complete an online application form.

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