Australia is most certainly one of the most beneficial counties in the world for a person to pursue their education. This is why it is home to students of all nationalities and backgrounds. Students all over the world try their possible best to acquire a scholarship in Australia.

There are many financial burdens that come along with being an international student. In addition to the cost of tuition, there are also the costs of living expenses and travel. One way to ease the financial burden of being an international student is to apply for scholarships.

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There are many scholarships available to international students, both from the Australian government and private organizations. The Australian government offers a number of scholarships specifically for international students, including the Australia Awards Scholarships and the Endeavour Scholarships.

However, Australian education providers regularly offer scholarships to qualifying international students, based on academic merit. Many scholarships are available for both international and domestic students but the requirements for those scholarships are set by the institution or organization in charge of the scholarship and they most certainly vary.

As earlier mentioned there are different types of scholarships. We have government scholarships and college and universities scholarships but right now tell us to discuss the government scholarships available for international students.

Government Scholarships for International Students in Australia

Australia Awards Scholarship

Australia Awards Scholarship awards are administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. They provide scholarships to international students of developing countries particularly the Indo-Pacific region to help them to undertake full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study in universities in Australia.

Australia Awards Scholarships are offered for the minimum period necessary for the individual to complete the academic program specified by the Australian higher education institution. Some of the benefits of these scholarships offered by this scholarship to help international students are Tuition fees, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), Living expenses, and the like of it. Supplementary academic support may be available to ensure a scholar’s academic success or enhance their academic experience.

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Applicants aspiring to get a scholarship with this particular scholarship team will have to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia stating that they must adhere to the conditions the scholarship has to offer.

Research Training Program (RTP)

The Research Training Program (RTP) provides block grants on a calendar year basis to higher education providers to assist both domestic and international students wishing to pursue their dream of undertaking a research doctorate and research master’s degree which is known as a higher degree by research. Your eligibility firstly depends on if you are undertaking any of these higher degrees for at least two-thirds of the student’s time at any approved universities.

Coursework degrees do not qualify as a higher degree by research.

Aspirants are not limited to applying for only one RTPĀ  place at a time at the same or different universities.

RTP scholarships are based on academic merits and are very competitive. You will have to have an outstanding academic record and any research publications will also be recommended.

The Commonwealth of Australia will also be looking for evidence that you can commit to a full-time research program.

If all the requirements are met, then the Commonwealth of Australia will provide a scholarship worth up to $50,000 per year for four years. The RTP scholarships cover tuition fees and course materials and accommodation costs. The Commonwealth of Australia also provides a living allowance and health insurance. The RTP scholarship is renewable if you maintain an excellent academic record.

Eligibility for the Research Training Program (RTP) depends on if you are undertaking any of these higher degrees:

Doctorate degree in a relevant field
Master’s degree in a relevant field
Higher degree by research (research master’s degree)

If you are undertaking one of these degrees for at least two-thirds of the time, then you are eligible for the RTP. If you are not eligible for the RTP, then there may be other scholarship opportunities available. You will need to check with your university or the Commonwealth of Australia’s scholarship website.

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To be eligible for the RTP, you will need to meet the following requirements:

1. You must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia when you commence your study at the university.
2. You must have a good academic record. This means that you have achieved at least a 3.0 GPA in your previous studies.
3. You must have completed at least one year of full-time study at the university before you are eligible for the RTP.
4. You must be undertaking a higher degree by research (research master’s degree). This means that you are undertaking more than 30 credit points of coursework towards your higher degree.
5. You must be undertaking a relevant field of study. This means that you are studying a subject area that will help you to develop your research skills.
6. You must have been accepted by the university as a full-time student.
7. You must agree to continue studying at the university for a minimum of four years.
8. You must be able to demonstrate financial need. This means that you will have an annual income below A$50,000 when you commence your study at the university.
9. You must be able to fulfill the university’s residence requirements. This means that you will need to live on campus.
10. You must be able to demonstrate good English language skills. This means that you will have achieved a minimum level of IELTS 6.5 or equivalent when you commence your study at the university.



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