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MubeeCenter Privacy Policy

Your privacy-policy are much honoured and valued by us, if you honoured it too!

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Privacy policies are generally known as something long and twisted while reading them. We are always available to elaborate more about the data and info we obtained from you and what we process them for.

MubeeCenter will keep updating its privacy policy to make it understandable, reliable, and convenient for you to read. Can we keep the pen writing?

The data obtained and what we process it for.

MubeeCenter obtain some info about you, when you visit and use our website. The info we obtained from you and what we process it for.

Below are the kinds of data we obtain;

  • Usage Info

As users of our site, whenever you use our site through your phone or laptop browser, your browser extension sends us some data without your knowledge. They are know as User Usage Data.

The data obtained are barely your phone IP address, browser used, the time you spent on the site, the specific number of page views generated by you, and the date you visit the site.

However, the information has no single effect on you but rather to be used by us to improve our site performance as we use it to figure out any issue you may experience through the obtained data. Or share it with some Advertising Companies like Google AdSense.

So don’t be scared or think otherwise over the data.

  • Personal Data 

While you are using the site, our site obtains some personal information concerning your activities. Personal data are kept explicitly for your purpose.

The personal data we usually obtain include your name, mail address (if you have one), and internet source. They are the type of data our site uses to display your comments.

This data are obtained through your information used in commenting on our published post.

  • Cookies

Our site uses cookies to obtain your information for either third party or site maintenance through cookies.

  • Data Sharing

While using our website, you agree that MubeeCenter can manipulate your data to third parties like Google AdSense and others.

Although the third parties use the information for reasonable purposes to figure your experience issue and solve for better. The advertising cookies are shared with some world advertising companies like Google Adsense, Ezoic, Propellers, etc.

WARNING!!! By continuously using our site, you agree with our privacy policy. Always endeavor to visit our site for more new updates.

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