Oduduwa University School Fees For Undergraduate [UPDATED]

Oduduwa University School Fees is currently released online for all students whose choice is to school in the prestigious institution.

Students from different parts of the country are always searching for Oduduwa University school fees which may sometimes get no result, don’t hesitate, the day is now as you come across the web to get the latest and accurate information.

Oduduwa University is one among the private higher institutions and among the best in Nigeria entirely.

The institution is entitled with quality, competent and less fee education, which make it unique among all other higher institution in Nigeria.

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Oduduwa University is endorsed and known among the Universities that have competent and so proud graduates in and outside the country.

Over the years, Oduduwa University students have made entire Nigeria proud and great.

Oduduwa University school fees have been breakdown by the management, which is base on departments and courses. The school fees consist of both new and returning students.

The OUI school fees breakdown includes all their offering courses fees and also the registration fee of each. It is highly recommendable for all new students, who are just admitted to try as much as possible to settle their school fees before the late time.

Oduduwa University school fees is the less fee among all the Nigerian higher institutions, either University, Polytechnic or College of Education.

It is among the higher institution in Nigeria which self-catering masses have schooled and graduated from with medium school fees and quality education in return.

Once a new student is said to have gotten admission, the student is advice to start his/her screening process as sometimes may take long while clearing here and their.

Newly Oduduwa University student’s must be patient and hold up, no matter the challenges, because you may faces some little hard experience as you new to the system. That should not let you give up from the starting point, always endeavor to be humble.

On the process, you must be asking this and that, you have no much knowledge on the institution. Don’t let that get you angry.

While for returning students, you don’t need much orientation as you have experience that before.

As time varies, Oduduwa University school fees may change due to one reason or the other since it is a Private Varsity. Normally school fees of private institutions are composed by the officials.

The school fees of indigene students, who are citizens of that particular state might differs from that of non-indigene, who weren’t from that particular state.

As the students move forward to another level, the school fees will keep decreasing till their final year.

The school fee is not much as for now, it is slightly medium but as time goes on, the fees may increase or decrease. The economy is somehow not stable, shaking, and seems to downgrade. Lol, we pray for a good and better tomorrow.

As you may have come across this before, every school, starting from nursery to higher institution, each among them has its school fees various base on your level.

Oduduwa University school fees also vary, as some are less, while some are higher than others. But to be sincere, their fees are not something hard much and that’s why every student from any region rush for it.

So now, let go into the sea to fish out the meal.

Oduduwa University School Fees For Undergraduate 

Oduduwa University Undergraduate school fees vary due to course, faculty and indigenization. Some faculty/courses across the world are more costly than others.

For example, the medicine or engineering, their school fees may be higher than one other faculty/courses.

Oduduwa University school fees would consist of all the needed breakdowns and explanations.

Below is the breakdown;


GROUPS COURSE/PROGRAMME Total School Fees per Semester Nationality
A B.Sc Physics, B.Sc Industrial Chemistry, B.Sc Computer Engineering, B.Sc Estate Management, Quantity Survey #185,000 Nigerians
B B.Sc Public Admin, B.Sc Political Science, B.Sc Architecture, B.Sc Elect Elect, B.Sc Mech Eng, B.Sc Banking & Finance #195,000 Nigerians
C B.Sc Economics, B.Sc Accounting, B.Sc Mass communication, B.Sc Business Admin, B.Sc International Relations, B.Sc Microbiology, B.Sc Computer Science, B.Sc Biochemistry #245,000 Nigerians
MBA, M.Phil etc
#210,000 (Full-Time)
#350,000 (Part-Time)
#120,000 (Full-Time)
#180,000 (Part-Time)
E Pre- Degree/ Access Degree
Part-Time Degrees

(A) New Students to add #10,000 for books per semester
(B) New Students must pay on a separate teller, a non-refundable acceptance fee of #50,000 and get matriculation numbers.
(C) Log on to Click on student portal use your matric number to update your biodata and register your courses etc. { your matric number serves as user name and password}

(D) No more course forms
(E) All stalites to do same as in (C) above
(F) Print your course registration form, attach teller(s) and other documents & take to Bursary Unit, Bursar to attach this to duplicate Receipt
(G) All secretaries to provost are teller confirmers.
(H) Scholarship are available, collect free form from Registrar and get 25%, or 50% or 75% or 100% FREE School fees.


1 God’s Time Hostel Ife Town N40,000 per session 2 persons in a room Female Polytechnic Students Zenith Bank – 10171331882 IYEBO OLU ENTERPRISES TPI BURSARY
2 King’s Hall Ife Town N36,000 per session 2 persons male Polytechnic Students Zenith Bank – 1011327289 TPI BURSARY
3 Queen Fatimoh Hall, Opposite RACOET, OUIl Ife Town (Old Poly) N70,000 per session 2 persons Female OUI only Wema Bank A/C – 0122275995 OUI BURSARY
4 Awosusi Hall Ife Town (Old OAU Road 7) N60, 000 per room per session 1 persons Male & Female OUI, TPI or outsiders BETA FOUNDATION Wema Bank: A/C – 0122275995 CALL:08056565656, 08037177592
5 OUI Staff Quarters IFE TOWNInside Oduduwa University N60, 000 per flat per annum 1 person Mixed (Staff Only) MAYETEL RESORTS: Wema Bank A/C – 0122275995 ENGR. ABIODUN 08034165990
6 Hilton/Residency (Back of Hilton) IFE TOWN N70, 000 per annum 2 person Student BETA FOUNDATION: Wema Bank A/C – 0122275995 CALL:08056565656, 08037177592
7 Kings Hall Ife Town (Parakin) N36, 000 per session 2 students only Male Polytechnic students only Zenith Bank – 1011327289 TPI BURSARY
8 Maye Guest House in Town IIfe Town (Beside Maye’s Castle of Peace) Place of Maye N150, 000 per annum 1 person Student or staff (approval required) CALL:08037177592
9 (RAPH) Hilton Hall for ceremonies Ife Town N250, 000 per day 2000 people Event Hall Zenith Bank: 1011641606 HILTON HOTEL 08060225555
10 Ramon Adedoyin Presidential Hall for Ceremonies Inside OUI N60, 000 per day 2000 people Event Hall Wema Bank A/C – 0122275995 OUI BURSARY
11 Ramon Adedoyin Presidential Hall for Ceremonies Inside Poly N40, 000 per day 1000 people Event Hall THE POLYTECHNIC, ILE-IFE Wema Bank A/C – 0122275995 TPI BURSARY
12 Adeline Hall IFE Town N30,000 per session 3 person Male only TPI/OUI
13 Adeline Hall Inside OUI N100, 000 per session 2 persons Female only for OUI only Oduduwa UniversityZenith Bank – 1012183291 OUI BURSARY
14 Maye Hall Inside OUI N120, 000 per session/p> 2 persons Male only for OUI only Oduduwa University Zenith Bank – 1012183291 OUI BURSARY
15 I.O.A. Sports Hall Inside OUI N80, 000 per per session 3 persons Female only for OUI only Oduduwa University Zenith Bank – 1012183291 OUI BURSARY
16 Oyetade Hall Inside OUI N70, 000 per session 3 persons Male only for OUI only Oduduwa University Zenith Bank – 1012183291 OUI BURSARY
17 Oba S.F. Omisakin – Hall (Obalufe Hall) Ife Town (Parakin) N70, 000 per session 3persons Male only for OUI only Oduduwa University Zenith Bank – 1012183291 OUI BURSARY
18 Atobatele Hall Ife Town N70, 000 per session 3 persons Male only for OUI only Oduduwa University Zenith Bank – 1012183291 OUI BURSARY
19 Adetola Hall Inside OUI N140, 000 per session 1 person Female only for OUI only University Zenith Bank – 1012183291 OUI BURSARY
20 Oranmiyan Hall Ife Town N36, 000 per session 2 persons Male only Zenith Bank – 1011327289 TPI BURSARY


Note 1. Pay all total due to any of these Bank accounts. (except hostel)

1 WEMA Bank 0122275995


2 Zenith Bank 1012183291


3 UBA 1017690523


4 Fidelity Bank 6060369391


5 First Bank 2013854487


6 Access (Diamond) Bank 0037141753


7 GT Bank 0117709602


Note 4: Take Customer copy of teller to teller for confirmation, before you go online, Secretaries to provost confirm teller

Note 5: Canteens are available and food ranges between #100 and #300 per plate
(You have a choice) cooking in the hostel is NOT allowed. Per person bring your
Refrigerator, DSTV etc. They are allowed in hostel at #10,000 per semester.

Note 6: Avoid paying through any staff or student, pay directly to bank yourself. If your
Parent are paying for you, your name must be written on the teller not parents Name.
Note 7: send e-mail to if anybody requests for any Payment outside the above or Text 08056565656.

While for Oduduwa University acceptance fee, courses offered or more about the post utme form, kindly click Oduduwa University.

As we made mentioned earlier, MubeeCenter would provide you with the appropriate and accurate of Oduduwa University school fees breakdown.

The school fees breakdowns and registration fee. Kindly goes through them well before deciding or know what to do next.

The Oduduwa University school fees may change but be rest assured that we would continue updating this post once there are any significant changes.

The school fees breakdown exclude their acceptance fees, though that is for only newly admitted students which is compulsory for them to pay before they can proceed with whatever next.

One of the most advantage of being in a varsity like Oduduwa University is that, as you move forward from a particular level to another level, your school fee would be reducing small till you graduate.

MubeeCenter will always provide you with quality, accurate and appropriate information.

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