Lsvee Biography, Networth, Achievements And Music Career

Luckman Alhassan, widely known as his stage name, Lsvee is a Hausa hip-hop artist from Northern Nigeria. He is among the top best Northern Nigeria rising artists.

Lsvee is an origin of Kaduna State but later traveled with his family and grew up in Abuja.

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He has met and collaborated with lots of famous and rising Northern artists that including DJ AB, Lil Prince, Deezell, and many others. He is a Computer Science from Alqalam University based in Katsina.

Music Career

Lsvee started his career around 2016-17 in Kaduna State. His rapping style and talent have gained him a strong fan base and social media followers.

His series music video titled “Kudin Makaranta” has been blooming over the years across the Northern Nigeria states.

Lsvee Networth

As of 2021, Lsvee Networth can’t or hasn’t been estimated. This page will be updated if need and info available to be added.

Lsvee’s talent keeps booming up beyond one expectation. His talent has earned him a maximum-level fan base across the North.

Lsvee have performed in different events and occasions like Marriage weddings, Sallah festivals, Christmas festivals, and birthday parties.

He collaborates with many Hausa rappers, especially the Kaduna, Kano ones, and even the Yaron North Side family.

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