JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics 2022 [UPDATED]

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics is the most effective equipment for all candidates to pass his/her examination.

Going through jamb maths syllabus would help any candidate to score a very reliable mark that can secure him/her admission from any part of the country.

Scoring any examination, not only JAMB yield a great courageous impact on any students.

Meanwhile, if any candidate can score JAMB mathematics exam, that particular student courage would double more than before.

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And guess what? Getting a very reliable mark in JAMB mathematics exam is not something hard, in fact, it very easy, simple and convenient for anyone who wishes to do so.

In this article, we shall be able to digest and discuss the Mathematics JAMB syllabus. If you can go through it well, make it your every time, believe me, you will score at least 99% in your Mathematics JAMB.

Those who have scored 100% before didn’t have two brains neither two heart, but what? Their consistency, hardworking and seriousness.

You too as a JAMBITO, you can do so or more than the past ones. Just be rest assured that all the successful passed candidate doesn’t have anything rather the components I mentioned earlier.

Some students are sometimes confused about what the JAMB syllabus for Mathematics means. JAMB syllabus simply means the content of that particular subject.

The “content” is the major topics on which JAMB set their questions from. It can be also defined as the spare part of JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics that compiles all the functional body.

Studying the syllabus really means a lot for anybody who wishes to sit for JAMB mathematics exam. The JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics doesn’t stop only for that exam only, it would be used in the future for Post-UTME examinations.

As far as the race is concerned, if you read well during the JAMB session, you will surely pass the Post-UTME questions set by higher institution managements.

Post-UTME questions may little differ from JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics, but their questions are all sourced from the secondary school curriculum.

Mathematics is the simplest subject among all other subjects, although many students find it difficult to understand sometimes.

One thing about it is that you can never scale through without the intention of understanding and countless revisions.

You must solve and resolves repeatedly before you will be able to get it. Once you understand it well, you can solve countless questions without thinking wise.

The JAMB Mathematics syllabus is not much complicated, just make sure you treated all the contents twice or more than that.

You can download the PDF here or continue reading it here if you prefer so!

Breakdown of Mathematics JAMB Syllabus 2021

Concerning the JAMB syllabus for mathematics, there are about five (iv) main contents which are subdivided into 25 different topics.

In this article, we would partially discuss the contexts follow by some sub-topics.

See them below


As we may have heard or seen this before, ALGEBRA is the first topic in the JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics.

It is composed of some sub-topics which includes;



Calculus seems to be one of the most difficult or confusing topics in JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics.

While to some, it is very simple to extent that they can solve it eys-closed. Don’t be afraid of it, just make sure you go through them.

Below are the sub-topics of CALCULUS;



Geometry is talking about measures or calculation of shapes, particularly circle.

It contains five sub-topics under it, which are;

  • LOCI


As we are moving gradually, we have arrived at number four which is second to the last topic under the JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics.

This particular topic has five sub-topics that one must face during his/her examination. They include;

  • SETS


Statistics is the last among the topics of Mathematics JAMB Syllabus. The is topic is very interesting, although some students feel confused while revising the topic.

What the topic need is that one must calm down and have the intention to understand it. After then, you are 99% ready to go on.

However, students need to know which textbooks are best and would suit the learning situation.

The textbooks recommendation is made by pro and expert in terms of this condition.

Recommended Approved Textbooks for JAMB Syllabus For Mathematics

1. New General Mathematics for West Africa SSS 1 to 3, by Channon, J. B. Smith, A. M.

2. Distinction in Mathematics: Comprehensive Revision Text, (3rd Edition) by Adelodun A. A.

3. Basic Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools and Remedial Students in Higher/ institutions, by Anyebe, J. A. B.

4. New School Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools, by David Osuagwu, M. et al.

5. Further Mathematics, Onitsha: by Egbe. E et al (2000).

Apart from the above-mentioned textbooks, there are thousands of quality and competent textbooks which you can use also.

This is just a recommendation. Don’t feel disappointed or annoyed for not seeing your best/favorite textbooks here. We aren’t directed to select any of them, we just selected them randomly not intentionally.

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