Insecurity: Education And The Future Of The Northerners In The Next Years

Northern Nigeria has been facing challenges of insurgency which lead to the closure of schools. The schools which are affected include primary, secondary, and even some tertiary institutions.

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Insurgency is affecting the Northerners, most especially the students who are just rising and working out their future.

The closure of schools has caused a lot of bad situations to students particularly the kids that have gone far with their studies.

Federal and some State Governments in collocation with troops of both land and air ones are trying their best, although some more exclusive effort is needed to tackle the insecurity.

As time is going, the Northern students who are yet to finish or just starting their studies might get it difficult for themselves in the next years as their education is crumbling.

Man news of student abductions has been reported which is very bad for the entire student life.

The Government must raise hands together and fight the insurgency once for all in order to restore peace across the entire region. Students are finding it hard to study as they are seriously afraid and tense of insecurity.

The future of the Northern young ones is currently at risk as education is becoming something else. Life without education would be very hard for one to develop or make progress.

Also, the Northerners must tighten their belt too and contribute their support to both Government and Military and with prayers.

Insecurity attacks are mostly done with the support of one among the particular attacked place, so it is under must for the resident to cooperate together and fight the insecurity.

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