IJMB Form, Expiry Date And All You Need To Know About IJMB

Thousands of new high school graduates always wish to join University with Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB, due to one reason or the other.

Getting admission into University without JAMB (IJMB or N.D. process) seems to be the most profitable way for some students, especially those with financial problems, low JAMB scores, those who want to brainstorm or get a solid foundation before joining the tertiary institution.

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While some parents wish and prefer their children to go for Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB mainly for them to boost up and learn more before joining the University, which is quite advisably for non-serious or left behind students.

Most students always wish to know more about Interim Joint Matriculation Board, From, Expiry date, and almost everything about IJMB.

What Is Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB?

Interim Joint Matriculation Board is simply a pre-tertiary program scheduled for 1-2 years and can be used to gain admission into University.

It is enrolled in the tertiary education system by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and has a medium bodies in some universities also.

IJMB barely sets a short program for high school graduates who wish to gain admission directly into the 200 level.

The program has been operating for decades years now, where by some top Nigerians have passed through.

Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB is the most favorable and juicy alternative to JAMB, which can never be comparable.

How to Apply for IJMB

IJMB application is somehow complicated, but don’t worry, as we will keep you along for the registration process.

I am sure you have been busy searching or looking for how to apply for IJMB for it closes. I feel your pain.

The Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB application form cost is N5,000. But it may vary as time goes on.

And the only primary school that offers IJMB program registration is very few. The list and registration link are as follow;

1. Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria

Location: The main branch is located at U.P.E. Main Campus, near Gobrawa, along your way to Zaria-Kaduna high way with the P.M.B. of 1061

Applying Website: NUBAPoly 

There are many more IJMB centers in Nigeria, but the most trusted and reliable one is Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria.

Why? Because it is a Standard Government Institution that offers the IJMB program on its own and has a good affiliate relationship with Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

The rest applying websites have to connect you with other institutes that offer it or even offer it themselves.

What is the difference between JAMB and IJMB?

Students are always confused that whether there is any difference between IJMB and JAMB.

Actually, yes, there is a significant differ difference between the two Matriculation exams and program. Even just from the full meanings, their differences differ.

But that’s not enough difference for you to understand the matter. Below are differences;

• JAMB is a one-sitting examination that’s is barely done through C.B.T. (Computer)

• IJMB is a 1-2 years program, i.e., it is like a pre-tertiary class that treats secondary and hundred levels topics.

• IJMB write exams of like five different chosen subjects. The exams are conducted in the first and final year.

• With IJMB flying grades, you can get admission at the 200 level in the University of your choice.

• IJMB Result doesn’t expire quickly. It lasts for precisely seven (7) years before it can be of no use to you. This is more important than other alternatives to students who have financial problem, and they can work more and gather money before the result expire.

Does Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB Expire?

The Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB does not quickly expire compare to JAMB that lasts for only one year.

Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB program is considered as a good program for high school graduates because the advantages can never be compared to other alternatives entry like JAMB or Diploma.

However, the favorable program, IJMB was scheduled to last for about seven (7) years. What a juicy alternative? That’s why I said it earlier that it could never be compared to others.

Meanwhile, the program lasts more than any inter examination to Universities, especially the program moderator body, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Reasons why you should apply for IJMB

IJMB programs have some important reasons (advantages) and that’s why a high school graduate should apply and go for the program.

Although there are always fewer students who apply for it yearly, I guess this usually happened because 60% of Nigerian students don’t know much about it, 25% of them know little without its advantage. And the remaining 15% knows full details about it but doesn’t have interest in it.

The problem we (Nigerians Students) is orientation, advice, and guidance for our successful and experienced elders. If they usually took little among the holidays and orient the rising once, most especially the SS3 students who tap into higher institutions, believe me, no one would make a mistake or choose the wrong part.

Below are the reasons why you should apply and study IJMB

• It allows all decided students to boost up and refresh all the foremost essential subjects they were taught in Secondary School which would be applied in the future (Higher Institution).

• It is less costly than all Nigerian Higher Institutions 100 level

• There is a high possibility of getting admission to Ahmadu Bello University (ABU Zaria) and some other universities

• To some students with financial issues, some can work around or learn handwork and make money after their complete one-year program, i.e., before their final result would be out.

• It does not require JAMB, which means one can apply even he didn’t write jamb or score a shallow mark

• It only requires five credits in your compulsory subject, whether science or art/commercial. The subjects are Math, English, and three other class subjects, depending on your category class in Secondary School

IJMB Program Duration

 Coming soon!

4 thoughts on “IJMB Form, Expiry Date And All You Need To Know About IJMB”

  1. Can SS 3 Student apply for IJMB before sitting his WAEC or NECO?

    • Hi Kamala,

      No actually, you can not apply for IJMB program without obtaining your SSCE, either WAEC, NECO or any other.

      The program requires that, so you can’t apply for it.

      Unless if you will write WAEC or any other exam before finishing SS3. That is normal.

      Best Regard.


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