How To Get Admission Into UNIMAID [REQUIREMENTS]

University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID admission has turned difficult thing to get for some students, especially if the student doesn’t have any connection.

Some students have gone through processes just to get admission into UNIMAID which is so sad to the society and country at large.

How To Gain Admission Into University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID

Student from different part of Nigeria wishes to gain admission into the University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID so as to change their environs of study when joining the tertiary institution, but they end up being frustrated.

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This is because of some factors which most students failed to understand.
Every institution in Nigeria has its own way (factors) of processing applicants admission.

These factors include;
1, Your JAMB//Post-UTME examination score
2, Geographical Zone
3, Your course of study, (applied course)

The above are the main factors of the UNIMAID admission process; although there is still some secret I would expose here which is very powerful and commendable.

But before then, let’s mention and discuss the basic requirements of the University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID in which one must obtain them too.

• Your SSCE, which may be either WAEC, NECO, NBAIS, NABTEB (for specific courses). Not only the result, rather you must be able to secure 5 main subjects of each class sect science/art

• You must purchase UNIMAID’s post-utme or DE form so as to be eligible to fill the application form

• It is advisably to make your first choice as them through your UTME dashboard. That increases 97% of you getting admission into the university.

Back to the line, let quickly discuss the factors too!

Your Jamb/Post-utme Examination Score

This is the first factor of gaining admission into the University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID One must score their average cut-off mark before he can be assure and apply for them.

Not only for UNIMAID admission, but all other higher institutions also have their cut-off mark which one must scale through in order to be even eligible to apply for the desire institution.

Geographical Zone

This is the second factor in which the university uses to process its annual admission. Some students may not understand or know the meaning of Geographical Zone.

It is the particular zone in which applicants are living or used in applying for the University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID.

For example, an applicant uses his indigene as Katsina, Northern part of Nigeria to apply for the university.

The state he used as “Katsina, North” is the geographical zone of what he used in applying the form. The university has its system of using the geographical zone.

Meanwhile, the university releases admission after it has finished screening the applicant and compile them to the portal for students to check via the internet.

A brief example of how the UNIMAID admission system compile admission base on Geographical Zone;
Borno = 4,000 admission
Katsina= 300
Lagos = 260

As you can see, every state has the maximum number of applicants UNIMAID would process admission for.

Course Applied

This is the last factor in which the university process admission. For example, there are highly competitive courses that seem very hard for someone to gain admission in.

For example, if you applied for MBBS which is very highly competitive for one to get.

The UNIMAID admission system would first examine the above factors and then come to the last which is COURSE.

If you are lucky to have scaled through the above factors, then your chance of getting your desired course is very high.

You get the course. Normally, their is a particular number of which every department would admit.

If your score is high, your geographical zone is not filled, and your department is not filled too, you will get admission UNIMAID by God’s will.

Those are the major factors in which almost every higher institution uses while admitting applicants.

And for the secret I promised to reveal here, I would do so with a guide. The secret is nothing but CONNECTION.

Almost everywhere in our dear country Nigeria, one is advisably to undergo through connection to be rest assure of getting whatever he/she is willing to get.

While you have applied with all the required details, try as much as possible to look for a lecturer who is working at the University of Maiduguri to connect with him, give him your application form and plead to help you gain admission.

If you are able to get some different lecturer, submit your application form to them and plead them also. This is because if one person is unable to process it, one will do.

And finally the powerful thing in every aspect of life is PRAYER. While you have gone through all these, pray and pray to Almighty God as much as you can. Don’t underestimate to power of prayer, pray!

NOTE: Make sure you check the details used in filling the application form to avoid errors. It is advisably an applicant should be their (Cafe) while he/she is applying for if.

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