Are you looking to study in France, but you don’t know to raise funds to pay for your studies? This article will teach you how to raise some funds and how to finance your studies in France should wish to apply for a course program in one of the Universities there.
Not too many students can out rightly boost having enough funds to pay their tuition fees or have a sponsor to support them.

Education is expensive and it’s even more expensive if you are planning to study in Europe. Countries such as Norway, Sweden, Germany, etc. have made education cheaper by allowing students to study in their country for free without the need to pay tuition fees. However, you still have to pay for other expenses such as feeding, transportation, books, and in some cases your accommodation.

Studying in France is a good idea, the country has some of the best Universities in the world and a great learning environment for better development, but it is not cheap though. The cost of studying in France is not ideally the cheapest, the country, however, provides various financial aid for domestic and international students around the world.

There are simple solutions on how to raise money to sponsor your education in France like applying for scholarships and other financial aid which is what we will discuss in this article. There are a number of scholarships available for international students in France many are provided by various bodies such as the Government of France, Non-governmental bodies, Universities, and private organizations.

Best Financial Aid Options for Students to Study in France

Government Funded Financial Aid and Scholarships for International Students

The French government contributes immensely to the various financial aids provided for both domestic and international students. The French Government understands the need to support financially international students who are coming to study in France. Not only does it help boost the economy, but it is also a medium to attract brilliant students to France by helping them reduce the cost of studying in France.

  • The Chateaubriand Fellowship;
  • Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence.


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Non-Government Funded Financial Aid and Scholarships for International Students

This is a type of Scholarship opportunity not funded by the government. They are provided by private firms and organizations that may/not be located in France for international students who are studying in France. Many of the scholarships provided by private firms are need-based scholarships, meaning that you will be eligible to apply if you have proof to show you cannot afford your tuition and you don’t have anyone financially capable to sponsor you. There are also some that are based on academic performances like;

  • AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships;
  • The Fulbright Scholarship;
  • Alexandre Yersin Scholarships for Masters Programme in France;
  • Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA).

University-specific Financial Aid and Scholarships for International Students

Universities also provide scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial support to both new and old students. Some schools in France use the financial aid they offer to attract brilliant students to apply, others use this financial aid to provide support for students who ordinarily will not be able to pay for their studies in France.

Top University Specific scholarship

  • Stephen M. Kellen Scholarship;
  • Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2020;
  • ENS International Selection Scholarships;
  • Ampère Excellence Scholarships for International Students;
  • INSEAD Africa Leadership Fund Scholarship 2019/2020 for African Students;
  • Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships;
  • Foundation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships for African and Asian Women.

To find financial aid in each university, you can visit the school Bursary section and make inquiries on which financial aids you can apply for.

Below are some other universities that provide financial aid:

  • The American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy;
  • American University of Paris;
  • Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales;
  • Ecole Supérieure de Cuisine Française;
  • ESSEC Business School;
  • Sciences PO.

Applying for Student Loans

Student loans are another form of financial aid provided for international students. The government as well as universities and other private organizations can provide loans for students. The difference is that they have varying requirements and depending on who you are receiving a loan credit from, your interest may be significantly low.


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