Qatar is one of the fastest growing economic countries in the world due to its tourist centers, also a financial hub where the high and mighty go to conduct business. Doha is the capital of Qatar and boasts of being at the center of it all. This has made Qatar become everyone’s location to carry out their business and relax hence that begs the question of how to check Qatar visa.


How to Check Qatar Visa

The Qatar visa is of various types and they each have their different ways of checking the progress of the visa, however, after the application of the visa the common route to check your Qatar visa is using the Minister of Interior (MOI) Qatar visa check or the Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) website. However, the passport number is a very crucial piece when checking your Qatar visa on both websites.

Modes on How to Check Qatar Visa

As earlier stated there are two distinct ways of checking your Qatar visa, these routes are very essential and easy to use therefore keep reading to know more about them.

MOI Checking Route

The Qatar Ministry of Interior (MoI) website is a Kingdom e-services portal that allows all Qatari citizens to check the status of their outstanding papers, such as visas and residency permits. In addition, the Ministry of Interior website offers various services like visa extension, visa approval tracking, visa printing, and more.

A valid visa document is required for all foreign people traveling to Qatar. The Ministry of Interior of Qatar issues numerous types of visas, each with a different validity duration.

To check the status of your Qatar visa application through the  Ministry of Interior (MOI) website, follow the steps given below:

  • visit the MoI website (Ministry of Interior)
  • select ‘Visa Services’
  • select ‘Visa Inquiry & Printing’
  • you can choose to check using your visa number or passport number
  • select your nationality and input the verification code
  • click on ‘Submit’, and you will be able to check the status of your visa

If you want a hard copy of the visa status, click on “Print.”

If your visa is deemed invalid, you may want to check the following:

  • ensure that your visa has been issued
  • ensure the authenticity of your visa
  • ensure you did not receive duplicate visas
  • ensure your travel agency properly processed your Qatar visa


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Visitor Qatar Visa

Just like all Qatar visas, this type of visa is issued to foreign nationals who are coming into the country for a short time to either do business or leisure.

How to Check Visitor Qatar Visa

Follow the instructions below to check the status of your Qatari visitor visa approval on the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website:

when prompted,

  • Checking out the MoI website
  • Fill out your “Application Number”
  • Choose “Visit” in the “Visa Type” column.
  • Input the QID of your sponsor or the responsible party.
  • Fill out the “Nationality” field
  • Correctly fill out the Captcha that is displayed on the screen.
  • Simply click “Submit.”
  • Your Qatari visitor visa’s approval tracking status is now shown on the screen.


Residency Qatar Visa 

As the title suggests, this is strictly for residents.

To track the visa approval status of your Qatari visa for residency from the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website, follow the steps given below:

  • visit the MoI website
  • click “Visa Services”, and then choose “Visa Approval Tracking”
  • enter your “Application Number”.
  • select “Residency” from the “Visa Type” column.
  • enter either your “Application Date” or the “QID Sponsor/ Person In Charge”
  • enter the Captcha displayed on the screen accurately.
  • click on ‘Submit’.

The screen will now display the visa approval tracking status of your Qatari visa for residency.


How to Check Qatar Visa with Passport Number

All Qatari citizens can more easily Qatar visa status by passport number of their outstanding documents, such as visas and residence permits, by visiting the Ministry of Interior (MoI) UAE website, which serves as the Kingdom’s e-services portal. The website of the Ministry of Interior also provides additional services including printing visas, tracking visa approval, and visa extensions.

  • Go to the official website of Qatar.
  • Choose status check by visa number or passport number
  • Fill in your passport number on the respective boxes.
  • Enter Nationality
  • Submit by entering the captcha code.
  • Click on submit and view the Qatar visa status


Qatar visa approval status check

You can check the approval status of your Qatar visa at the MOI website with these steps:

  • Visit the MOI website
  • Click on ‘Visa Services’
  • Click on ‘Visa Approval Tracking’
  • Input your visa application number and your personal details
  • If you are applying for a ‘Resident Visa’, you can select ‘Residency’ and input the application number and date.
  • If you are applying for a ‘Visit Visa’, you can select ‘Visit’ and input your application number and nationality.
  • Click ‘submit’.

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Qatar Visa Extension

Foreign nationals to Qatar looking to extend their Qatari visa can do so from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) website by following the steps given below:

  • visit the MoI website.
  • click “Visa Services”, and then choose “Visit Visa Extension”
  • fill in all the details, including “Visa Number”, “Passport Number”, and “Nationality”.
  • enter the Captcha displayed on the screen accurately.
  • click on ‘Extend’.


MoI Qatar visa expiry date

The validity and expiry date of different visas issued by the MoI varies according to their purpose and types. The validity of some of the issues issued by the Qatari government is as follows:

  • Joint tourist visa– one-month and extendable for one month only
  • 72-hour business visa– 72 hours
  • Business visa– three months
  • GCC resident visit visa– one month and extendable for three months
  • Family visit visa– valid for one month and can be extended for up to six months
  • Transit visa– valid for a maximum period of 96 hours

Qatar Visa Center (QVC)

  • If the Qatar Visa Center (QVC) is located in your country, you can do a Qatar visa status check by passport number on the MOI website in the past. The Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India are the only countries that currently have QVCs.
  • A new app called Qatar Visa Check and Apply makes it easier than ever to do Qatar visa status checks by passport number. To find out the status of your application, you don’t need to leave your home and wait in line at the embassy or ministry.
  • Start by downloading the app from Google Play, which is available here. Whether you need a visa for work or pleasure, this app will provide you with all the information you want.

It is also possible to check the status of your Qatar visa application through the Qatar visa center (QVC) website. However, please note that this service is only available to applicants from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines.


Documents Needed to Apply for Qatar Visa

When applying for a Qatar visa, the required documents can vary based on the type of visa and the purpose of your visit. Here are some common documents that may be needed:

  1. Passport: A valid passport with a minimum of six months validity beyond the intended stay in Qatar is generally required. The passport should have blank pages for visa stamps.
  2. Visa Application Form: You may need to complete and submit a visa application form, which can be obtained from the Qatari embassy/consulate or through online application systems.
  3. Photographs: Recent passport-sized photographs meet specific requirements, such as size, background color, and format.
  4. Invitation Letter or Sponsorship: Depending on the purpose of your visit, you may need an invitation letter from a host organization, company, or individual in Qatar. Alternatively, if you have a sponsor in Qatar, they may need to provide sponsorship documents.
  5. Employment Documents: If you are traveling for employment purposes, you may need employment-related documents, such as a valid employment contract, work permit, or letter of sponsorship from the employer in Qatar.
  6. Travel Itinerary: A copy of your travel itinerary, including flight bookings, hotel reservations, and details of your intended stay in Qatar.
  7. Financial Proof: Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Qatar, such as bank statements, salary slips, or sponsorship letters.
  8. Medical Certificate: Some visa types may require a medical certificate indicating that you are in good health and free from contagious diseases.
  9. Travel Insurance: It is advisable to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses, repatriation, and emergency assistance during your stay in Qatar.
  10. Additional Documents: Depending on the type of visa, you may be asked to provide additional documents, such as educational certificates, business-related documents, or proof of family relationships (for family visit visas).

It’s important to note that visa requirements may change based on your nationality, the purpose and duration of your visit, and the specific regulations at the time of application. It’s recommended to consult with the Qatari embassy/consulate or a reputable visa agency to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the documents required for your specific visa application.

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