How To Check Glo Data Balance Via SMS, USSD And Online In 2022 [UPDATE]

Thousands of Glo network users around the country are always searching or asking or how to check their data balance.

Some have going up and down without the right, appropriate or understandable answers.

You have finished, the worrying will be no more, lol. Just follow all the processes that MubeeCenter would be revealing in this particular article.

This article would not just show/guide you how to check your Glo balance through one means, but rather through different means.

This would give you more chances of checking your balance without any temptation or doubting.

The means include

  • USSD (Codes)
  • SMS (Message)
  • Online

SMS (Message)

Let first discuss how to check our data balance through SMS. It is the easiest way of checking your balance.

It doesn’t need or any strong network coverage, neither smartphone (android) or network connection (net). All that this way need is just a pair of phone, whether small, big or any type.

The flowing is the process to check your Glo data balance through SMS;

1. Enter your SMS (message)

2. Locate at your inbox, create or compose button

3. Text INFO in the capital letter as I write it here and send it to 127 direct without much wasting of time

4. After then, wait for some minutes. They would reply you with your data balance details

The reply sent by them (Glo) contains the remaining balance, the date you subscribe and the expiring date also.

USSD (Code)

This way is simple also, although it may require strong network coverage.

If you can recall when dialling codes either of recharge card or anything else on your phone, there must be at least medium network coverage before your request can be successfully done.

The same thing applies to this. Don’t be scared of it.

The code for the direct data balance details is *127*0#

And in case if there is no response through the first code, you can try the second USSD option which is *777#

Reply to the number of Manage Data options. It will pop-up back and then finally resend with the Data Balance option.


Online won’t be so interesting to phone users rather those who are using modem or router to browse on a computer.

This is simply because you must visit the website before you can view your data balance details.

For you to use this means of checking data, you must use the Sim card for which you want the balance.

Visit and wait for it to display the Sim card data details.

Don’t forget, you must use the particular sim card to see the balance or else it would show you the details of the sim card you use in accessing the link instead.

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