FUPRE hostel accommodation fee

FUPRE Hostel Accommodation Fees 2022/2023 | How To Apply [UPDATED]

Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, FUPRE hostel accommodation is available for both indigene and non-indigenes students, particularly for those who are far from the school location.

The management set it in such a way that every decided student would be able to apply for it, whether new or returning students.

FUPRE hostel accommodation can be offered to all students except the mid-level ones (300) because they are not usually staying in school at that moment.

The set of those levels are said to be on TRAINING of their courses.

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Nigerian Universities implemented this in order to give all students who have gone through from 100 to 300 level the privilege to relearn and practices what they have treated in class.

The 300-training is an opportunity for them to choose any organization or company of their choice to practice what they have learned in school.

The hostel accommodation is the best option for students who very serious and are ready to learn.

Staying in a hostel gives serious students the ability to jak and revise their note well and well.

Most of the graduated guru across the globe are not naturally born, rather by reading hard and obvious.

While for parent whose their children are staying in school hostel are advisable to always caution them, because sometimes, they might be convinced or directed by bad friends.

FUPRE Hostel Accommodation Fee

FUPRE hostel fee is a cheap fee. It may be too much cost compared to some schools. This is because the university is a Federal University.

Normally, student higher institution tuition fee is less than that of State ones. But what matters most? Quality and competent education.

FUPRE hostel fee is N30,000 which is for both fresh and returning students. The price is commendable, but can be some how high for some other people.

This can raise or reduce at any moment. It is the desire of the Federal Government or the school management.

How To Apply For FUPRE Hostel Accommodation

To apply for Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun hostel accommodation, one must have finished all his screening, registration and others. You cannot just apply for a hostel without concluding all the due processes.

Below are the ways of applying FUPRE HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION

  • Visit the FUPRE student portal
  • Login in to your dashboard using the details asked by the portal
  • Scroll down by right. Click on the MENU option
  • Locate at HOSTEL button
  • Fill in all the required details for the hostel
  • Proceed to make the payment, either by electronic means or bank teller
  • After that, print the hostel payment confirmation through your dashboard

Students should always stay update for the hostel portal opening day. The FUPRE ICT centre may decide to activate the portal at any time, so always check for the portal.

The hostel spaces might be filled up before you know. That is why you must be active so that you won’t lose.

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