Whether you believe it or not, there are easy routes to travel to the UK for international students. In fact, there are cheap ways for everyone to travel! With a little flexibility and a bit of know-how, you’ll be able to save money traveling like it’s nobody’s business. Sadly, none of these tips will get you traveling for free, but they will definitely help you cut costs where it counts so this article will help you to know the easy routes to travel to the UK.

Before you start planning on embarking on an international trip like going to the UK, it’s important to check the required documentation for your destination. The UK as a country on its own requires visitors to have some specific and important papers in order to pass through immigration.

Having all your documents in order to avoid being refused entry at border control should be the sole aim of any person wishing to travel to the UK. Some of these important documents will be listed below:

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Get a Valid Passport

The first thing anyone should think of doing when trying to travel abroad is to get a passport in advance as it could often be a lengthy procedure. It is advisable to get your passport before you book a flight to where ever you intend on. Well, some international flights require that you enter your passport number when booking or during online check-in, so it’s best to just have it first before you start booking anything.


For you to enter the UK, you will have to find out if you need a visa or not because there are different requirements for different categories of people.

Depending on your nationality, you’ll either have to apply for a Standard Visitor visa before you travel to the UK or be able to visit the UK for up to 6 months without needing a visa. If you fall in the category of those that do not need a visa you will still have to meet the Standard Visitor eligibility requirements to visit the UK. You may be asked questions at the UK border about your eligibility and the activities you plan to do. Note that if you have been previously declined from entering the UK or you have a criminal record of any kind, then you will have to go through applying for a Standard Visitor visa even if you do not need one.

A Standard Visitor visa costs £100 for up to 6 months keep in mind that the earliest you can apply is 3 months before you travel but if you visit the UK regularly, you can choose to apply for a long-term Standard Visitor visa instead to save up expenses.

You can pass through the UK to another country on a Standard Visitor visa. If a transition is your only reason for coming to the UK, it is more convenient for you to apply for a Visitor in Transit visa which is £64 instead of £100 for the Standard Visitor visa. Apply for a Standard Visitor visa online if you need it.

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Eligibility Criteria to Travel to the UK

Aside from having a passport or travel document to enter the UK which should be valid for the whole of your stay in the UK, there are some other requirements that you will have to acknowledge and adhere to

You must be able to acknowledge that:

  • you’ll leave the UK at the end of your visit
  • you are able to fend for yourself and are independent or that you have funding from someone else to support you
  • you or someone else is capable of paying for your journey back once your visa expires


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