Deezell Biography, Networth, Achievements And Music Career

Deezell Biography – The most cheerful Northern Nigeria artist

The self-acclaim Northern (Arewa) cartel, Ibrahim Rufa’i who is popularly known by his stage name “Deezell” is an American-Nigeria artist whose fame has gone beyond imagination.

Deezell is a Hausa hip-hop artist born in Michigan State, America by Nigerians (parent). He later returns back to Nigeria together with his family at kid age (5).

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Immediately after his return, he was enrolled in a primary school where he continued up to secondary school. He again moves back to America to start his tertiary education and to date, it is confirmed that he is still in America with his union (wife).

He concluded his tertiary education in America and earn his degree in Media & Communication and International Business departments.

Deezell bio details in a table format

  • Name: Ibrahim Rufa’i
  • Stage: Deezell
  • Birth Place: Michigan State, America
  • Birth Date: 4th June 1988
  • Nationality: American-Nigeria
  • Net worth: $50,000 dollars (estimated)
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Deezell Music Career 

Deezell started his career journey at a young age after he returned to Kano State, Nigeria.

According to him, he started after he honored an invitation to a show by the British Council held at Kano.

Since then, Deezell has focused on pure his talent in the industry. He has released turns of single hits along with collaborations with top famous Nigerian and International artists.

Deezell has played his role in making the Northern Nigerian Music Industry great, most especially in financial terms. He has brought up a lot of talented artists to board among the Northern states.

His courage and sponsorship have gone a long way to Northern Nigeria’s rising artists.

Deezell Wife

The Northern star is married to Jiddah (who is from Zaria, Kaduna State).

Deezell Networth

Deezell rise to a wealthy family, even before he started his career, he is bold rich enough.

He is one among the Northern richest hip-hop artist and currently with about $50,000 estimated Networth, if not first. 

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