Bash Ne Pha Biography, Networth, Achievements And Music Career

Bash Ne Pha Biography – The young Jos rising star

The young Nigeria artist Bashir Haliru Alhassan whose stage name is Bash Ne Pah, is an indigene of Jos, Northern part of the country.

Bash Ne Pha is among the rising Northern star who have deliberately focused their energy on showcasing their talent across the region.

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Bash Ne Pha was born on 1st December 1998 in his hometown, Jos Plateau State, and also schooling there. He was born into the Hausa tribe.

Bash Ne Pha bio details in a table format

Name: Bashir Haliru Alhassan

Stage: Bash Ne Pha

Birth Place: Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Birth Date: 1st December 1998

Nationality: Nigerian

Net worth: Not yet estimated

Active: 2018 – Date

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Bash Ne Pha Music Career

Just like many artists across the Northern states, Bash Ne Pha storm into the music industry a few years ago, but have gone far. His music career style can be motive enough many artists of his mates.

While we speak about his career, it is much important to shade the pen well and light the talent speak since Bash Ne Pha has chosen to be.

He started his music career journey around 2018. Bash Ne Pha was given an opportunity around the same year to perform in an event that earn him a record signed.

Bash Ne Pha was lucky to be signed into a record known as FKG Entertainment after his talent performance at the event. The record FKG stands for “Fashion K!llers Group”.

The event was held and sponsored by Africa Magic TV at Jos, Plateau. Bash Ne Pha was given the opportunity to participate in the show.

According to a source, Bash Ne Pha was opportune to start his career over the care his mum shows him and then he begin to sing for her.

Reviewing the hits he has released before, Bash Ne Pha is a classic even among the northern talent young artist. In most of the hits, he does talk about heart-loving messages while gingering the beat.

Due to his much love for his mum, he released a very banger which got his fans talking. The banger was tilted as “Mama” as you can see below;

The hit causes stir a lot after he released it, where many people were asking him that “why is he always praising and talking about his mum only after there is father also?

After the question got to him, the young Jos rising star responded that his father is not alive, that “he does privately pray for him too”.

Bash Ne Pha Achievements

Bash Ne Pha as his stage name has achieved the better of life concerning his career.

Bash Ne Pha has achieved strong fans across all his social media handles most especially this year. His YouTube channel alone is something worth considering as he keeps growing bit by bit.

He has been invited and featured in many shows across the Northern states which increases his capacity.

Around 2018, Bash Ne Pha performed in the Trade Fair base in Jos. He has released bangers along with collaboration with Arewa hip-hop.

The Northern Nigeria (Arewa) Radio and TV stations have severally featured his video and music.

While his label record is investing in him much most especially in terms of video coverage and promotion.

Bash Ne Pha Networth

The “Fashion K!llers Group” artist Networth has not been confirmed as of now. We will ensure this page is updated once it is available.

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