Canada and Australia have a lot in common that is including job opportunities, good security, and the likes but depending on an individual’s preferences this is where the statement comes to play on Australia VS Canada.


Australia and Canada have been the standout countries that have endeared international students to entice them into coming to their country. This especially has to do with their excellent academic performances as both countries have stood against each other

Both Canada and Australia are favored destinations for students who intend to study abroad. Although, studying in Canada is less expensive compared in Australia. Overall, deciding on a choice between these two nations depends on the individual’s objectives.

Job Availability 

Both countries have excellent job opportunities and working cultures. The pay in Australia is slightly higher than in Canada. But jobs are usually easier to find in Canada due to more occupations in demand for skilled workers.

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Canada has cold weather, which goes down to 0°C during winter, and even lower depending on the location. In contrast, Australia has mild winters and warm summers where the temperature never drops below 0°C. Canada lacks sunlight, so lots of vitamin D will have to be consumed in place of the vitamin D that should have been offered freely by the sun unlike in Australia which is always warm, sunny, and pleasant throughout the year.

If you love cold regions, Canada is the place for you, and if you are anti-cold, Australia is the perfect place to live in.


Housing in Australia is more expensive than in Canada. A one-bedroom apartment in a downtown area in Australia can be around US$1,058.57, while its equivalent in Canada will go for US$887.68. Utilities such as water, electricity, and gas are 25 % cheaper in Canada than in Australia.


Both countries have their own challenges when it comes to obtaining a visa but it is easier to obtain a visa for Canada compared to Australia.


According to the World Bank, the cost of living in Canada is quite cheaper than that of Australia. Australia is one of the priciest countries in the world, but of course, their salaries are at their peak. The minimum wage in Australia is higher than that of Canada due to its high number of white-collar jobs.


Australia is best for only English-speaking people due to the fact that the official language spoken in Australia is English, unlike Canada where there are two official languages- English and French creating room for easier communication.


You can acquire citizenship after living in the country for three years as a permanent resident in Canada. However, you must pass the citizenship test and file your tax returns.

You can apply for Australian citizenship after physically living in the country for three to four years as a permanent or temporary resident. You may also have to demonstrate a job record to be eligible.


Canada is blessed with a more diverse topography as compared to Australia, therefore, inhabiting more wildlife species. as recorded, Canada has 6,666 wildlife species while Australia has 854 species.

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Basic health care is free in Canada for most of its residents and it’s delivered through Medicare. Each province has its own eligibility. Health care costs are also lower here.  On the other hand, Australia features a robust healthcare system.

You’ll have access to medicare when you become a permanent resident. However, many Australians prefer to take out private health insurance so that they can cover costs for dental and specialist care.

Public Safety

Both countries are quite safe, though Canada wins by a small margin due to more racial tolerance and open culture. Canadians are in general more open and friendly than Australians, especially if you know the French language.


Though Canada has more landscape than Australia and there are a lot of beautiful areas to visit, the weather makes it less desirable for outdoor living. Australia, however, is a place for a lot of outdoor living. There are plenty of beaches, wildlife, and places to go. If you are an outdoor person, Australia is definitely the place to be.

Canada offers warm summers and snowy winters. Australia has a warmer climate year-round. If you’re a surfer, maybe Australia is for you. If you like anything else outdoors-wise, Canada has the Australian outback beat, hands down. Hikes in green mountains. Fishing for salmon in gorgeous rivers.

Skiing down snow-packed slopes. Ice skating on frozen ponds. Relaxing next to serene, clear lakes. Only available in Canada! Both countries have their merits when it comes down to natural beauty; Canada just has a significantly more diverse landscape.


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