BIOGRAPHY: Brenda Cruz Biography, Networth, Achievements And Music Career

Brenda Cruz Biography

Brenda Cruz Biography – Okpala Brenda Chinazo by name is a Nigerian talented artist whose passion is to become famous since her early hood. 

She is widely known with her stage name “Brenda Cruz”. The young Nigerian artist was born and raised in Anambra, Southern Nigeria and her parent were also Nigerians. 

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Brenda Cruz is recognized as one of the beautiful talented Nigerian rising artists who chase big dreams in both national and international terms.

Brenda Cruz bio details in a table format

  • Name: Okpala Brenda Chinazo
  • Stage: Brenda Cruz
  • Birth Place: Anambra State, Nigeria
  • Birth Date: 5th June 1996
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Net worth: $50,000 dollars (estimated)
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Brenda Cruz Achievements

Brenda Cruz has met with several top famous Nigerian artists. She has gained medium fans base across social media. 

She started her journey at a very young age where she firstly released her hit tilted You Need Me. 

Her lifestyle is very luxurious as she is born into a wealthy family and has earned her maximum honour across the country. 

Brenda Cruz didn’t stop at the entertainment (music) industry only as she is a graduate also. According to sources, the young Anambra star is a National Member of Welfare Peace and Universal Human Rights Initiative (WEPAUHRI).

Her career is a motive and challenge to others like her who are all the time afraid to showcase their talent. 

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